The Strain – Occultation

Clearly there must either be a hierarchy or learning process that is associated with being a vampire. Eichorst is proof that vampires are capable of higher thought processes. His mere existence confirms that vampires can possess control and be more than just the mindless beasts that Vasiliy saw running around the sewers of New York. And there are a whole lot of mindless vampires around the city now. In fact, they seem almost zombie-like in their current state. In many way this makes them even more threatening a they are mindless in their thirst for blood.

The Strain - "Occultation"Eph is looking crazy to his family, yet with what he’s seen it’s surprising he’s kept it together so well. Vampires are terrifying and Eph has seen all the proof he needs to know that it’s not safe. these creatures are highly dangerous and spreading and there in’t anything he can do about it. Except warn his family and encourage them to leave. Unfortunately, we know all too well that the relationship there isn’t all so great and even doing that proves difficult. His warning wasn’t particularly appreciated by his ex-wife’s new boyfriend who called the FBI on him. They managed to apprehend Eph, which only made him seem more crazy. The FBI agents want Eph to crack and admit his guilt and fear-mongering. In their defense what is happening seems entirely implausible. They just became believers a little bit too late. Meanwhile, we were subjected to more material surrounding Eph’s ex. The material surrounding her comes off as really draining. The more that we see her not believe, the more frustrating the situation and she becomes. It didn’t help that she continually questioned what she was going to do , rather than just see her doing something.

Those involved with Eichorst’s dirty deeds all want out. Both Gus and Jim are still roped in for doing “one more deed” because they didn’t meet the stipulations of the last task. They are forced to keep doing Eichorst dirty works and by the way that everything is going, they will continue to do so. Eichorst is pulling their strings and they are puppets that can’t do anything about it. Their latest task was disposing of a vampire body. it’s clear that these things don’t just turn to goop or ash when they die. They leave their devastation around as proof that they messed things up for your life.

The Strain - "Occultation"Vasiliy has seen some strange things in the past few days. First it was the vampires in the sewers. Then there was the empty office seemingly all attacked by vampires an infected. The entire office and as he entered darkened store room to see another dead. However, Vasiliy knew what to do after seeing the vampires run from the light in the sewers and unleashed the light on them. Just like that, we got to see our first vampire death by sunlight. It was gruesome, but not all that amazing as they just fizzled a bit and stopped moving. If I saw that happen, I wouldn’t have been entirely sure that the vampire was actually out of the question. this knowledge terrified Vasiliy enough to warn his estranged father of what was going on. There we learned a lot about Vasiliy in a few short moments. It was well written and one of the better moments of family drama on the show.

The big drama of this episode surrounded the eclipse. The eclipse allowed the vampires to attack mid day and cause some rather minor chaos. I was actually surprised it wasn’t a bigger deal. However, we are seeing the beginning of how bad things can get.

What did you think of the episode?

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