The Strain – For Services Rendered

The Strain - "For Services Rendered"We may not have seen many ill effects from the eclipse last week. Only a few strange happenings as the eclipse came off as a minor problem. We learned for certain that wasn’t quite the case. When Joan’s husband returned after a long flight, he wasn’t in the mood to learn that his kids weren’t at home, but taken by the nanny. it was a good thing she did because the streets surrounding his home were littered with vampires attacking anything with a heartbeat. When he thought he’d made it to safety he found that his own wife had become one of them. This is just the beginning of what we are seeing. The eclipse didn’t need to effect many, but it allowed the strain to spread to more people and that was the goal. Thanks to people being unaware and generally willing to help others that appear in need, even more people are becoming infected.

The Strain - "For Services Rendered"Shit is starting to hit the fan and no one is listening to the few people who actual know that something is going on and is no good. Gus may not have a real grasp as to what the danger is, but he sees it and no one is listening to him. Just as Jim’s wife didn’t want to listen to Jim’s pleas. For those who are jaded, proclamations of danger just seem like more of the same and nothing new or unique. While others who are given the real knowledge of what is actually out there, refuse to accept the ridiculous claims. At the end of the day, no one is in a good place and people need to be willing to start believing. If they don’t believe, they are going to end up in a world of trouble. With more and more people getting infected and turning, things are about to get even worse. There will come a point where the tide will turn and the uninfected will be the minority. Hopefully by then, more people will be willing to believe.

The Strain - "For Services Rendered"We’ve been dealing with a number of flashbacks as of late. In every instance, it is of Abe in the past with hi encounter with Eichorst. We see how Abe slowly learned more and more about the strigoi. In the WW2 setting we see how Abe managed to survive his time in a camp, while dealing with the strigoi and a crazy Eichorst. At first these flashbacks were nice, seeing Abe learn more about the strigoi in parallel to the people in the present learning about the very same creatures. The flashbacks have become less effective in the ability to parallel. That doesn’t mean that the flashbacks don’t still carry some weight.

The most interesting revelation of the show came when Joan and the other vampire attempted to attack the kids and the nanny she was stopped. They were stopped by strange creatures, which appeared to be vampires who hunted and helped the uninfected. It was an entire team of vampires that wanted to help. They were able to spot that the nanny’s daughter was infected. After letting the others go, she was dispatched and called corrupted. This will be an interesting line to follow in the coming weeks. In fact, if it wasn’t for this moment, the episode would have felt like a large disappointment, with the only other major revelation being that Abe carved the master’s box.

What did you think of the episode?

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