Extant – “Care and Feeding” & “A Pack of Cards”

Disclaimer: I missed last week’s episodes “More in Heaven and Earth” and “Incursion”. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to watch the episodes yet. So if impression or slight confusion occur in these episodes, I apologize now.

Stepping back into the show, the biggest thing that I recognized was how slowly things move in this show. Yes, there were some noticeable things that I missed out on, however, the nature of the show proved that didn’t miss all that much. Molly still wants her baby. The alien baby is still very dangerous and causing everyone around it to have some sort of mental issue. So here we are on the 9th and 10th episodes, and the progress is minimal. Those looking for a quickly paced show are looking in the wrong place.

That said, Molly didn’t do much except for get frustrated and climb a shaft. The gears on the show are clearly moving, but we don’t get much forward motion for how much turning we are doing. Molly is still a strong character, who is dealing with confusing situation after confusing situation and does it in stride. In some ways se is relateable despite being an astronaut and the subject of a science fiction story line.

Watching the two episodes felt more like a chore as the content seemed to be more suited for one hour, but was drawn out into two. Sparks had the most interesting story line with the baby in his care. Though the baby was manipulative and took a strange form, it also provided the most interesting content. Seeing the baby use the world around it as though it was nothing to get the desired outcome was fascinating. it isn’t entirely clear how this baby is capable of siccing birds or making a projection of Spark’s daughter. Either way, it provides some interesting content to an intriguing premise that is becoming more and more tiresome.

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