A Girl with Games: The Beginning

I’ve talked about video games previously. They are a part of my life and I can’t imagine what I’d be like if they weren’t. This isn’t an affirmation of the fact that I am one of the stigmatized gamer girls. And I won’t be making proclamations that I am in fact a girl who plays games just like the rest. No, this is going to be all about the fact that I am a gamer and it’s no different than anyone else regardless of gender.

When I was four or five, I remember spending the day before Thanksgiving playing Bubsy on Sega genesis for hours on end. During elementary school there were Scholastic Reading challenges. The reward for reading a certain number of books in a period of time was a personal pan pizza. I loved to read, so the challenge was always easy. From it, I got a pizza and the opportunity to play Street Fighter II on the arcade machine that sat in the corner. When I wasn’t anxiously trying to get to the arcade, I played Spyro at home on my Playstation. By middle school, I was fiending for a Playstation 2 after a slew of my friends had them. By the time I got it, I spent all my time playing Simpson’s Road Rage among other things. When I was with my cousins we played Soul Caliber 2. By high school, I was hanging out with friends late into the night playing Super Smash Brothers’ Melee. I would get in trouble for staying out all night, but rather than drugs we were hanging out at arcades until they kicked us out at 2AM (followed by the obligatory diner run, it was New Jersey). That was my life and no matter what games always seemed to be infiltrating my life.

It wasn’t until I was in college that games came back at me in a very big way with my PS3 that all changed. With more time on my hands than necessary and a strong desire for anything that would allow me to procrastinate even more, I took in the PS3 for all it’s worth. It wasn’t just a top of the line blu-ray player like intention it was bought for me. No, no, no. The console was a wonderful escape at just the right time and I became more than just a casual gamer, but once again a core gamer.

The flux between my time as someone who played games with a passion to someone who never even thought of games. It happened in and out from childhood to adulthood. Now games seem to have settled in for a time. It was the sway between the two that made my journey the most interesting. But this was only just the beginning, I had yet to imagine what the real trek that video games would take me through in recent years.

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