Doctor Who – “Into the Dalek” Review

The 12th Doctor does not play games and will not stand for being disrespected. It is refreshing to assert himself upon others and make it clear as to what he is capable of. He doesn’t stand for idle threats and commands the necessary respect that is intelligence requires. More and more the Doctor is this separate entity that no longer cares about fitting in. He’s a belligerent old man and I am quite digging the vast difference in personality.

Doctor Who series 8

Danny Pink

This episode also marked the introduction of Danny Pink. Very quickly it was made clear that he has had a rough past in the military. A past that seems to be difficult for Danny to cope with as it overwhelms him. There was also his internal struggle with being an attractive man that is quite incapable of dealing with women. It makes him come off as endearing mainly because of his awkward nature. Within five minutes on screen, I knew already that I liked Danny. He gave off just the right vibe that made me understand that he was both highly capable as a soldier, but also competent with visible emotions and just the right amount of awkward. Essentially he has the traits that are necessary for the Doctor’s companion to keep him in line.

More and more we are seeing that the Doctor is finding himself. He has this clearly defined personality, but it is much different than the personalities of his recent regnerations. It seems that he is still trying to get a handle on who he now is. Now more than ever he needs Clara by his side. Not just to reassure him that he isn’t a a terrible, person, but to be there as a friend. Clara also seems to greatly help with the interactions of all other people. This Doctor is no longer personable, but brutally honest and in some ways indifferent to the emotions of others. This makes his companions even more important to him and the situations that he is placed in. Doctor Who - "Into the Dalek"The doctor now feels little remorse when people die as their deaths are seen as both necessary and helpful to ensuring the survival of the others.

The Doctor encountered a dalek different than the others. This dalek desired to destroy all daleks to be destroyed. It wouldn’t be the first time that the Doctor has encountered a dalek that seems to have embraced their morality enough that they no longer share the dalek idea of exterminating all life but daleks. Weary and perplexed by what this dalek posed, The Doctor grabbed Clara and with some future agents they shrink themselves down to size to literally get into the dalek. It seemed almost fitting that the dalek healed itself and thus became evil. All the people above were no in danger.

Doctor Who

“Am I a good man?”

With the Doctor such a cold person now, he needed Clara more than ever. His intentions for entering the dalek were to find out how a dalek could be good. He had hope and it was all lost. It took Clara to remind him that there was still hope for them to do what they came to do. With the inspiration from Clara, the Doctor was able to do what he does best. With the inspiration we saw again the major difference between the 12th Doctor and the 10th and 11th. Where his previous incarnations would do anything in his power to keep his companions and the people he was with out of harm’s way, the 12th Doctor places more confidence in his companions and sends them on dangerous tasks. I don’t think I could ever see the 10th Doctor or the 11th ever sending Clara out to do such a dangerous task all on her own. In the end the dalek was returned to his good state and everything was alright, despite yet another dalek pointing out that the Doctor would make a perfect dalek because he is filled with hatred.

Doctor Who - "Into the Dalek"One of the interesting things that happened was Blue requested to travel with the Doctor. He indicated that he needed a soldier. He needs someone good and he needs a soldier, which sounds exactly like the lovely Danny Pink who seems to have a crush on Clara.

We also saw the return of Missy when the female soldier sacrificed herself. Upon her death, she too awake in “heaven” with the overly chipper Missy. With each appearance I grow more and more sure that Missy is in fact the Rani. At the very least she is a time lord and likely a Rani like character.

While I enjoyed the episode, it did bring back memories of the Magic Schoolbus. Either way, it was a fun journey and more proof that Capaldi is a very interesting Doctor. What did you think of the episode?

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who – “Into the Dalek” Review

  1. I enjoyed this story a lot more than I had expected to – it’s probably my favorite Dalek story since Rob Shearman’s Dalek.

    Really liked Danny Pink too, though I do wonder about that military service in his past (I have already jumped to some conclusions about that). And Missy – I started to wonder if she was using some sort of time scoop (though where are there squiggly cloud distortions? 😉 ) to pick them up but then we see the bodies. The Matrix maybe?

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