Can’t Put the Book Down

There are times when you pick up a book with every intention to put down every few chapters and go about the rest of your day. There are some books that make you grip it and never put it down. Some books have a hold on you so tightly that the idea of putting a book away becomes blasphemous. After years of putting it off, I finally picked up Mockingjay. I had a feeling that I’d finish the book quicker than some others. The words and feelings just flow so easily off the page, that I knew breezing through the story was a large possibility. I didn’t think that I would consume the book in one day. Any opportunity I got, I read it and loved every moment of it. Sure, there were some rocky bits and places that left me uneasy, but never once did I want to stop. I had to know what happened next. Quickly I was reminded of that feeling of being so enthralled with a book. It doesn’t happen often to me. Most books I read leisurely, enjoy the plot, and if I’m really into it I plow through it a bit quicker (dropping what would take me 10 days to 5). No, Mockingjay took the reins and I was it’s prisoner until the story decided to release me for the final time. I loved every moment of that feeling, but I also feel bad. Bad because I know that the next book I pick up may be fantastic, but it’s not likely that I will be quite so

mockingjay1 What makes a book gripping
I wish that I could tell you what makes a book have the draw. That special draw that makes it a piece of work that no one wants to put down. The idea that it is a book that is so fascinating, so compelling that the idea of putting it down is ludicrous. It is an interesting feat for a book to accomplish. Yet, it is something that every book actually strives for. Every writer hopes that their book is one that just can’t be put down. Read from beginning to end in as few sittings as possible. They want it to be loved and enjoyed and aside from a well executed flow of words, there is no real way to know the key.

That Feeling
There is a feeling of excitement when you’ve got a really good book. However, as good as a book may be, you still need to be in the right mindset. If you are burrowing into a book, it can feel like the warm blanket around you that you needed. The words will transport you and nothing can take you out of it until there are no more words are there. It’s like a completely transcendent feeling as the world becomes apart of you. The characters become your friends as you watch everything happen around your cast. It can be both the best thing and the worst thing because you know that there will be an end even if you aren’t there yet. And even with impending sadness you know that you still have time yet and you want to savor it all you possibly can. The words aren’t just words, they are your entry way to the characters you just can’t get enough of.

What was the last book that grabbed you so intensely you couldn’t put it down until it was over?

2 thoughts on “Can’t Put the Book Down

  1. I felt that way about Catching Fire. It was by far my favorite though I read the entire series in under a week. It certainly doesn’t happen with everything. Or most things, actually.

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