TV to Look Forward to in September

September marks the beginning of the fall TV season. A long series f events in which we begin to see shows that will inevitably fail and the return of favorites. With only the intial flood approaching, I can’t help but think about te fall season as a whole. We’ve already seen the return of Doctor Who, but all other shows are waiting to come. So here is a look at the shows that I am looking forward to watching and the shows which you can expect to see reviews of on this blog.

The League
9/3/2014 – FXX
Season 6 Premiere
It’s a bit raunchy and more than a bit hilarious and I find myself tuning in every year. Everyone needs a good laugh and The League gives me that. Last season was not it’s best, but still dished out more comedy than most comedies.

Z Nation
9/12/2014 – Syfy
Series Premiere
I’ll admit I have a thing for zombies. I positively love a zombie story and here’s a new one. This is a story in which we aren’t seeing any immediate aftermath, rather they’ve been living in this world for a few years. While the premise of the show, strongly reminds me of The Last of Us, hopefully it will be unique. It also stars Harold Perrineau and DJ Qualls.
Will Review

Sleepy Hollow
9/22/2014 – FOX
Season 2 Premiere
I was skeptical of the first season of Sleepy Hollow. The premise seemed shaky and ludicrous, but my curiosity forced me to tune in. I was quickly glad I did as the show ended up being one of my favorite show as the year. Sleepy Hollow touched everything you could want in a show from a strong black female lead, a diverse cast, and strong relationships that didn’t revolve around romance. The result was a show I thoroughly loved. You can check out last season’s review here.
Will Review

9/22/2014 – FOX
Series Premiere
Batman returns to the live-action small screen. Rather than follow the caped crusader in his adventures, we will be watching James Gordon and the dangerous city that took the lives of Bruce Wayne’s parents. Despite Batman’s pedigree, I have the least hope for this show out of the 3 comic book shows airing this fall. That said, I will be watching every week without fail.
Will Review

9/22/2014 – ABC
Series Premiere
The premise is simple. Henry Morgan has been alive for 200 years and not because he can’t die, but because every time he does he is brought back to life. The show comes off as procedural as he works as a coroner, solving cases that the police struggle with. Hopefully, the show will be a bit more bent toward the serial.
Will Review

Agents of SHIELD
9/23/2014 – ABC
Season 2 Premiere
Agents of SHIELD had a rocky start. There were characters that just didn’t land that were pushed on us as important (I’m looking at you Skye). That said, the season picked up after the events of The Winter Soldier. Hopefully, Agents of SHIELD will manage to keep up the tension and quality of the latter half of the season as it goes into it’s sophmore season. For reviews of the first season check them out here.
Will Review

How to Get Away With Murder
9/25/2014 – ABC
Series Premiere
Let’s be honest, I’m very picky with my dramas. I like them, but they can easily make me averse. How to Get Away with Murder has my attention so far. It’s another Shonda Rhimes production so you can expect her twist on a college murder mystery.

Once Upon a Time
9/28/2014 – ABC
Season 4 Premiere
Going in to it’s fourth season, there should be a lot of interesting things afoot, considering they are already getting on the Frozen hype train and are bringing the characters to the universe. The charm in Once Upon a Time comes from the twisting of classic tales and mutating them into something that is still remniscent of the disney version, but also entirely unique. With any hope, they continue that with Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff and whatever new characters they choose to introduce this season.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
9/28/2014 – FOX
Season 2 Premiere
Like I said, I’m not huge on comedies, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine is another one that I love. Somehow it manages to get a laugh out of me every week and that is a feat. Not to mention that the show is gratifying in its weekly hijinks, while also feeding in to a continuing set of character dramas and mythology.

9/30/2014 – ABC
Series Premiere
I’ll be honest, the first episode made me laugh all of about twice and not even all out laughter at that. I don’t have super high hopes for the show, but with Karen Gillan and John Cho as the leads, I’m hoping that it was just a rocky pilot and will smooth out over time.

I’ve left a bunch of things out of the list as I won’t be watching them. That said, what shows are you interested in September?


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