The Strain – The Disappeared

It must have been very satisfying to for Eph to take out his smug ex-wife’s boyfriend. Very satisfying, even though it must have put the fear of life in him knowing that his son was being attacked. Thankfully, the kid isn’t stupid and managed to fend for himself until his dad came in at just the right time. I don’t really believe that series of events as Eph definitely would have seen his son enter the house and his wife’s friend likely would have seen the van. But it works for the show, so it happened.

The Strain - "The Disappeared"After last week’s episode where everything was confined it was a bit jarring to have to bounce between various storylines. Jumping between the work camp, Gus, and the newly expanded team as they went after Eph’s family felt jarring. We were again forced to spread the care we have among the characters. I may be a bit harsh, but I can’t seem to care about Dutch as she made emergency services difficult. The fact that all her money and her laptop was stolen doesn’t make me feel bad for the woman. It was also a detour to make us sympathize with her that didn’t really work. It did also confirm that Dutch is now part of them team. One good thing is we briefly caught up with Gus as he killed his turned friend and fled.

Vasiliy was instantly one of my favorite characters when he first appeared. Clearly he is also a favorite of Abe who sees Vasiliy as a strong asset. He is the man who operates with his emotions in the back, which is the opposite of Eph and Nora. They are still caught up in what it needs to be human in the world before they knew of vampires. Abe needs people who will act like the world is what it is.

The Strain - "The Disappeared"One of the most frustrating things of the episode was of how much they mourned Jim. Yes, Jim was their friend. Jim to the audience and even in their eyes was just a fuck up a few episodes earlier. Eph wouldn’t even speak to Jim, neither would Nora. Yet, they were all torn up about it to an extreme that is almost unbelievable considering they knew what had to be done. This did however lead to Eph sleeping with Eph in his ex-wife’s bedroom as an unnecessary plot complication. To add in the fact that His ex-wife’s best friend would find them together was even more convenient for the plot.

Abe’s encounter with the Master in the work camp was a nice addition that I’ve been waiting for over the past few weeks. We’ve seen more and more of the strigoi and the damage they are causing in New York City and we keep learning that the Master plays a big roll in this. Yet, we hadn’t really seen the Master. This time was we saw Abe finally come face to face with the master we saw how dangerous he is. He’s dangerous and he is very aware of being watched and left Abe with mangled hands. Knowing that his now mangled hands took away the one thing that kept him alive was terrifying. If it wasn’t for the assault on the camp, Abe would have died.

In the present we also finally got a full glimpse of the master. he’s massive, he’s intimidating, but I can’t possibly be the only person who thinks he look like a giant deadly oaf.

What did you think of the episode?

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