A Season of Fantastic

I’ve already listed out the shows premiering this month. Already some of the shows have begun to air, but it ris really next month which marks the beginning. Beginning of what you may ask if the shows have already started? Well, the season of fantastic is on it’s way. A true season of fantastic. Science Fiction and Fantasy shows have always been on air, generally on the fringes. Recently shows with a fantastic bend are taking to the mainstream. While I’m not entirely sure that more people are actually enjoying these kinds of show. I am fairly certain that people who would have been more likely to hide their like for something that might be considered weird or juvenile. I believe it is a combination with those who do like these fantastic things are owning up to it and voicing their love, publicly and loudly.

This Season

This season there is a wealth of shows to satisfy those who have interests in what some people would call nerd culture. I just call it the best things in the world. That said, this season of TV has a little something for everyone. Particularly if you are a fan of comic book shows. If superhero comics are your thing there is Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Arrow, Constantine, Gotham, and The Flash. That is quite a bit of comic book shows for people to indulge in. That doesn’t even include iZombie, Powers, and the upcoming Daredevil. That is a lot of shows to expect over the next year, all airing what are full seasons of comic book adaptation glory. Not to mention shows like The Walking Dead which are based on comic books, but aren’t related to super powers.

Fantasy and Science Fiction

With so many comic book shows, one may think that they are taking up all the slots that are generally there for other science fiction and fantasy shows, but no. All those comic book shows are still there. They are all there and still being created. In fact there is a deluge of shows that will be airing this season with some sort of speculative bend. That means there are more options than ever for fans of shows that aren’t quite down the straight and narrow to choose from. With so many options, I’m excited, but understandably overwhelmed. The things I’m most interested in are finally being brought to everyone in a big way. That means I’m being stretched thin. I’ll be reviewing as much as I can. Keeping up will be difficult. I will try to review as many shows as possible. However, if I begin to get overwhelmed, shows that don’t show as much lasting promise will be dropped to the wayside (it recently happened with Extant – sorry, kinda).

What shows are you looking forward to?


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