Well Rounded Female Characters

It is frustrating when I encounter a female character that is a caricature of what a woman is. And it is almost infuriating when said woman is the main character. A lot of this stems from an idea of what a woman is, rather than what they really are. Normal people. Now, I am not making any claims as to who does this or a certain type of person that tends to do this because it would be completely accusatory and unnecessary. All that needs to be acknowledged is that as much as people have hoped things have changed and women are depicted as real, but that isn’t as prevalent as one would ope yet.

Women are real people and should be depicted as interesting people, rather than what one thinks a women should be. It wouldn’t be such a flagrant disappointment if we weren’t graced with wonderfully delightful female characters regularly enough to be wistful and curious as to why there aren’t more. I’m not saying that all females need to be a pinnacle, a spectacular imagination of what a complete woman would be. Not at all. A character no matter how small should have motivations and goals that make more sense to what the character desires, rather than what one thinks a woman desires. Keeping a woman real making her desires no different than another person help women feel rounded.

When women are depicted as an amalgamation of only desires and needs that are uniquely female, they no longer come off as being a proper woman, but a caricature of what a real woman is. Every woman has real every day problems. Problems that are more than happy to not discriminate based on what gender they are. In fact, most of the problems they will have are of this nature. Yes, there are things that present themselves to women differently than men. And yes, many women will have a different mindset on how they are treated. But this is not based on their gender because gender is the differentiator, they are placed their because of social constructs that are designed to make a woman out as different. The real truth is when you break a woman’s wants, needs, and desires, they are not much different than a males.

So, I want to see more women depicted as women. I want women to be shown as real people. I want people to stop bitching about who and what women are capable of as a gender. There is a big fact that may stun everyone, but every woman is different. None of them the same. Some are delicate, some are brash, some want peace, some want war, some love politics, and some wish to escape. Every last one of them is different and one group on either side of the fence is not going to make anything better for us all. There is no possible way to do that because each and every one of us has a different mindset, with different motivations, different goals. What I see as weak you may see as strong. That is what we need to see in our female characters on a more regular basis. We need to see that women don’t see eye to eye. We need to see that not all women are slight variations based off five different types. Give me variation. Please.

2 thoughts on “Well Rounded Female Characters

  1. As a male writing a young female deuteragonist who is exceptionally powerful, I sometimes worry that I am not making her feminine enough. I write for her as if she were any other character because I am not sure if I am even capable of convincingly writing from the “female’s” perspective. Reading your post is a little reassuring; I don’t have to write a interesting female character, just an interesting character that happens to be female. Thanks.

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