Destiny Has Hooks

I am not into first person shooters. They just are not my thing. Not because of the shooting, but because they are often associated with multiplayer arenas. Also first person often pulls me out because the character you play as isn’t as frequently shown and sometimes don’t even talk. Even still, Destiny somehow managed to get it’s hooks in me and draw me in.

I’ve only played for a couple of hours so far, barely begun to really scratch the surface of the story and the loot, but I already see the potential. The ability to lose myself into the world for hours on end. That said, the story is lacking in Destiny. Actually the story is damn near non-existent. Which is both upsetting and not expected. The one thing I hope evolves in the near future is the ability to raise a character level even higher, gain more loot, make NPCs a bit more engaging, and more missions. As someone who will likely only step into the PVP areas once or twice, it’s a tad discouraging that there isn’t more of the other stuff. There is a nice amount of PvE things to do which I appreciate and dropping in and out of other people’s games is seamless.

Destiny makes for a fun ride and it’s hard for me to turn that down. Besides how could I possibly pass up a game that lets me have a dance off.

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