Z Nation – “Puppies and Kittens” Review

Z Nation - "Puppies and Kittens"Z Nation plays it straight despite being a Syfy foray into the zombie genre, which is vastly different from what it usually does. That said it is still a Syfy foray so it presents plenty of cheese with its drama. There are plenty of zombies, more than enough gore, and some seriously bad dialogue. Thankfully everyone plays it seriously, but with enough tongue in cheek moments to keep to interesting. Thankfully there is full acknowledgement that these things walking and trying to eat them are zombies and they aren’t the easy kind.

Surprisingly, the characters feel legitimate. Most of them have solid motivations and characteristics. With any luck these traits will be built on through the rest of the season. Considering the cast is of a caliber that I wouldn’t be surprised if they are given good material they will rise to the occasion. It really said something about the characters especially when it came to the zombie baby that ended up posing a problem. That said, there are a number of characters that are hardly fleshed out and will need to be expanded upon if this show is going to get interesting.

Z Nation - "Puppies and Kittens"About that zombie baby. The baby never really got hurt, that we saw. It simply was okay one minute, then it was a grey thing making the most terrible noises that one could every imagine. But our group of living couldn’t let a zombie baby continue to skitter around an abandoned building as it seemed far to morbid. Admittedly it was rather morbid. It also led to the death of Harold Perrineau’s character as the baby chowed down on his intestines with the help of a grown female walker. (A death which made since considering that Perrineau is to be a regular cast member of NBC’s Constantine starting on October 24th).

Perrineau’s character Hammond dying was a big wrench in the plan. This forced Garnett the reluctant leader to decide what the newly cobbled together group was going to do with the package. A severely bad tempered and general jerk of a package. However, him being alive is a glimmer of hope for those alive. So taking Murphy the man with the cure in his veins. This was just the beginning of the season long trek across the country. Hopefully we will continue to get a fun blend of camp and serious that makes us care, yet still provides enough goofy fun. Next week will be the real test as to how well the show will hold up as we can finally move away from introductions and get to know the characters.

What did you think of the show?

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