The Strain – “Loved Ones”

The Strain - "Loved Ones"I love that Eph’s son was the smartest one, capable of finding Kelly. Considering that he’s in a room full of highly intelligent people, no one but the kid figured out a way how to find her. Sure, he may not have been able to identify if she was alive or not, but he found her phone and saw it was moving. The glimmer of hope was enough to get Eph moving. He followed her trail the series of places that Eph expected Kelly to travel. He traced her steps and every where that we saw Eph go, we saw a bit more of Kelly’s journey from the previous 32 hours to present.

Nora is quick to judge people as she tries to act as some moral center. Whenever someone does something that she disapproves of she’s quick to judge. This includes learning that Dutch brought down the internet. Yes, she was bad in her internet destruction. However, She didn’t know that her bringing down the internet for money for a scheduled amount of time was going to coincide with the epidemic. Then again she condemned Jim as well for his participation in the whole plot even though he also had no idea what was going on. Eph is also good at throwing the blame game rather than accepting that they are all in a bad situation. Apparently neither of them understood the concept of strength in numbers.

The Strain - "Loved Ones"After all of the commotion about the poster advertising the strain going in someone’s eye, we finally got to see just that. During our journey following Kelly we saw a a close encounter with her turned boyfriend before she went off to school untouched. Unfortunately her second encounter with her boyfriend forced her to fight and in doing so a worm entered her eye. She then spent a few hours succumbing to the disease before attempting to pick up her son. Kelly went to her best friends house. There she killed her best friend and her best friend’s son. All while she was still seemingly partially there, but entirely out of her own control. Kelly’s descent into being one of these creatures wasn’t particularly interesting, but where it led her was, considering the master seemed to call her.

Aldritch Palmer’s explanation of how the body works and the analogy was terrible. It was inaccurate on both sides and ultimately frustrating. His idea of how the human body works is atrocious, comparing DNA to software and the body to hardware. Aside from the fact that Dutch and Vasiliy attempted a silly plan to get to Palmer, luckily Palmer’s manservant let them go unscathed.

By the end of the episode I felt like we had just lost an entire episode. the tension remained low. Characters never truly felt threatened even when they were. It felt as though all of the events in this episode could have been skipped over and we still would have been delivered the same impact.

What did you think of the episode?

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