Why I Stick Around for Good Enough Shows

There are some shows that I watch, that I love, that I can’t get enough of them, yet I know that deep down they are not great shows. Even with the knowledge that there are better shows, I continue to watch. Sometimes it’s out of punishment, somethings it’s out of curiosity, but more often than not its because the show manages to do something right. Something that leaves me wanting more. It helps for the sows ratings, but it also shows that a show could be great if it could be built surrounding that one element. personally, I am generally a character person. The more relationships that are built and destroyed and fostered, the more I’m drawn in. If the plot is unique and enthralling it can keep me going if that show lacks the relationships I love.


More Please

More Please

I watch shows because I love relationships. Seeing how a relationship change because of the events in a story are fascinating. For one there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a character change and become more of one extreme of themselves than another. There are some shows that develop highly interesting characters (I’m looking at you Once Upon a Time) and they make it enjoyable to watch the characters. But anyone watching Once Upon A Time isn’t tuning in for their interesting plot driven episodes. They tune in because of the interesting and creative retellings and re-imagining of fairy tales. The result is one that has worked for three seasons and will likely work for a fourth, provided the plots don’t become too outlandish. It’s because a relationship on a show can be enthralling and the intricate webs that are weaved are just as interesting as the personal growth.

Then there are shows that are propelled by the situation that the characters are placed in. As long as the characters aren’t complete imbeciles or absolutely infuriating, the characters become less important. Now don’t get me wrong. I thrive off relationships, so shows that choose to go more plot than character are more likely to lose me. However, there are some situations where the actual set up has me so enthralled that I’m willing to overlook characters that may not be as realized as they should be. A show like The Walking Dead can fall into this. I am so caught up with the characters dealing with their environment and what they are driven to do in order to survive that I can allow the characters to occasionally make really dumb decisions.

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