How I Stay Encouraged

When you are a creative person it can be difficult if you wish to sell your work. It is a tough and draining process that can at times be entirely discouraging. One must not only toil over the emotional strain that exists because one has created a work of art that needs to be perfected. Once the initial toiling is over, you must then plunder on as you prepare to display your art. As you may suspect, just creating a piece isn’t enough for it to be sold. Once it is created, it must then be packaged. Then comes the actually disappointing part, the part where you are repeatedly rejected. Now that can be tough, extremely discouraging for the feeble hearted. Which is why you need something to keep you plowing forward.

Long Process
When you create something it is a long process like I mentioned before. At any point in time it can become extremely discouraging. When you are creating and things just aren’t coming out quite right. Making your piece just write can bbe tough. As a writer, I can work on a story for months and months and still feel that there’s more to be done. Yes, there are skills we can learn that may make things easier for us. However those techniques and skills are unique to each individual project.

For myself the idea that keeps me going at each phase is different. When I’m writing a story in the first place, I am motivated by the idea that once it is all finished it’s one more project for me to work on. However, where I’m at now can be even more frustrating. At this point the only thing that keeps me going is the prospect that I might actually have a good story on my hands. A story not only that I believe in because it is interesting and keeps me coming back. Not only that, but also because it seems that others see the potential in my story.

Yep, you guessed it, I’m struggling at my hardest part of the process, the packaging stage. As I struggle to make my query golden. To make my query worth it’s weight to show off what my story can do. Thus when I’m uncertain and think that I should just give up I remember that I actually have a gem on my hands. A bonafide piece that I think could make it in the world of readers. So, when I start to doubt myself and my ability to sell my piece, I remember that I can trudge through it and get it working.

5 thoughts on “How I Stay Encouraged

  1. I’m where you are, sort of. Querying one novel, trying to get another query squared away. Both fighting me at every turn. . .

    At least it feels that way sometimes. But I suspect, as you do, that what I’ve written is decent. More than decent. And the first huge part, the creative part, is done. Now comes the hard part–the business part–selling my stuff to an agent or editor. It helps to read posts like this, reminding me to keep plugging away, not give up. It only takes one, that’s my mantra.

    As you travel that rocky road–if it’s any consolation–I’m right there with you, Ashley. Me and a whole bunch of other writers, walking that walk and urging each other on.

    ❤ kk

    • Thanks! It is always good to know the struggle isn’t something that I’m going through alone. Everyone is feeling it. The best thing we can all do for each other is support each other and avoid tearing each other down. We are all stronger when we can see the good. Just like I know that it may take a bit longer, but I know you’ll get a deal. Your persistence is admirable.

  2. It is crazy hard. What some agents find interesting, others will find offbeat and confusing. It’s a long, long road and if we don’t make it this time, we have to do it all over again with something else. What I’m hoping though is that somehow it’s worth it. Every story makes me a better writer. Every trudge through the query trenches reminds me of how bad I want it, and when you want something that bad, you have to keep fighting for it. And that gives you courage to keep going and to try again. Love this. 🙂

    • It’s worth it as long as you allow it to be. No matter what an agent may say, the fact you’ve completed anything you are passionate about makes it worth it. Hopefully there will be that external validation.

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