Z Nation – “Fracking Zombies” Review

Z Nation is not afraid of gore.Not in the slightest. From the opening moments to the close, the show revels in all that is spectacularly disgusting. Whether it was a zombie caught in the space between the car’s frame and the tire to . Z Nation is disgusting.

Fracking ZombiesOne of the most unsettling and upsetting pats of the show is the slow deterioration of Citizen Z. He watches out for everything. he sees all with his satellites and communicates with them to keep things moving. But as more and more contacts drop he has less people to speak to. Alone in a building his mental state is rapidly decaying worse than any other person. This is mainly because he has to watch everything get bad. At least he found a dog. Unfortunately there was another dog. One should have known a show like this would opt for. Nothing is more threatening than a powerful beast that’s only desire is to desire you. For him it was more devastating because that was the only living thing he’d seen alive.

The main crew needed gas and all the cars they encountered were tapped. So they took a risk and went for one of Jersey’s refineries. There they found it entirely infested by zombies who were attracted to a pump making a lot of noise. The idea was to get the gas and turn off the pump making the noise to try to clear out the zombies. Now I’m sure this was done to make the plot more interesting. that said, I’m not sure what stopping the noise was actually for considering it kept the zombies moving toward one point. My main problem with the episode is that it didn’t seem like they really needed to have the two groups split up. The loud clanging was already drawing the zombies away from the place they needed to go.

Let’s be real, the acting is across a spectrum. It spans from alright to the unbelievable. I don’t just mean a poorly written script. I’m talking bad dialogue and someone who goes over the top when it comes to conveying it. There were a number of over the top moments which particularly stood out beside the ones that didn’t make the show feel like a melodrama.

What did you think of the episode?

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