Sleepy Hollow – “This is War” Review

I can’t believe it’s been so long since we had an adventure with Crane and Abbie. And we got right into it with a celebration of his 251st birthday. He’s still struggling with dealing with our modern culture. While things don’t exactly stun them as they did last season, he is still quite bemused by strange things and traditions. Crane is still throwing out little tidbits about his acquaintances. Like the fact that he was Benjamin Franklin’s apprentice when he accidentally discovered electricity trying to get rid of the key. Oh, also that he liked to take air baths. Crane is always filled with some great gags and this episode was no exception.

Sleepy Hollow - "This is War"While it was a breath of fresh air to see that things hadn’t changed much, except they seem to be getting along even better than before, it left a lot of questions. As any one who watched the last season would know that Abbie was stuck in purgatory and Crane was buried alive in a grave. We quickly learned that while they were back together they both suffered losses. For Abbie it was her sister, while Crane yet again lost his wife. We know that Abbie got out, but we don’t know how or what has happened in the missing year. Henry is still the sin eater and still vengeful. However rather than free Abbie and Crane have them locked up. But as soon as their brief confrontation with Henry is over, it became clear that their mini adventure and year together was false. All of it was Henry’s manipulation to gain the information he needed. Each of them was left to their own devices in the hands of evil.

The episode came back strong in enforcing the relationship between Crane and Abbie. Yes, sometimes they don’t see eye to eye, but they would do anything for each other. They are a dynamic pairing and you can see how much they really care about each other. It is by far the most dynamic relationship on the show. That said we also got to see Crane pair up with Jenny. The two still care about each other and together you get probably the most effective pairing skill wise.

Sleepy Hollow - "This is War"One of the most interesting things about the episode was the headless horseman’s interactions with Katrina. No, Katrina is still the least engaging character on the show, but Abraham is an interesting character. As the headless horseman you often forget that he is more than just a mound of clothes. He is a man, apparently on with a very nice chest. He also gave Katrina her necklace that allowed her to see him as we once was and talk like normal.

Now we just need to wait until next week to see what is going on with Captain Frank Irving.

What did you think of the episode?

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