Agents of SHIELD – “Shadows” Season 2 Premiere Review

Agents of SHIELD - "Shadows"The biggest thing that I was able to take away from the premiere of Agents of SHIELD was that it didn’t feel like a premiere. For a premiere that is a bad thing. As an episode, it was actually pretty decent as we moved through various characters seeing their progression as the plot moved forward. And yes, the plot did move forward. However, when I walk into the premiere of any episode, I am expecting to be wowed. It is the one moment that many shows have that says here this is what we are going to offer you. A premiere especially on a show that already has a season under it’s belt needs to be strong. So no, Agents of Shield didn’t fully deliver what would be deemed a premiere that gets me excited for the season. It did however give me an interesting episode that I appreciate.

One of the most heart breaking things about the close of last season was knowing that Fitz was badly injured. We all knew that he was never going to be the same, but seeing it play out was heart breaking. Very often Fitz was the only light on the show. He made things happy and showed that one could still have hope. The accident has taken this away from him. Now he is forgetful and not quite all there. All of which frustrates him even more. He isn’t the top of his game and a slow recovery makes his depression even worse. Not even Head Gemma can really help him out. He has to struggle through this on his own even though everyone surrounding him only wants the best.

Ward has become a far more compelling character since his reveal as a bad guy. No longer stoic and plain, he’s a deeply disturbed man. Watching him call and covet Skye is fascinating. He doesn’t seem willing to give up that relationship, while Skye has already checked out and written him off. Their brief interaction where he vowed to never lie to her again was disturbing as his actions were in fact truthful, but that didn’t take away from the fact that he could still be up to something equally as bad.

Agents of SHIELD - "Shadows"This episode also didn’t shy away from entering into Marvel lore as we dealt with the Absorbing Man. Unfortunately, the Absorbing Man fell nicely into the stoic villain category that Marvel seems to still fall back on from time to time. It would have been nice if he had more motive and felt less like just a straight up villain there to make the lives of our protagonists more difficult. Don’t be afraid to give villains some life rather than being plot devices.

What did you think of the episode?

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