Gotham – “Selina Kyle” Review

Gotham - "Selina Kyle"Despite the title of the episode being “Selina Kyle”, we didn’t actually get that much with the young catwoman. Instead we dealt with a plot involving street kids being abducted for the dollmaker by a pair of creepy adults. Sure, the adults didn’t look all that threatening, but they were most certainly the dangerous sort with their midwest accents. However when the kidnapped kids were freed Selina’s fate came back into play. As one of the unsavory homeless kids she was packed up to go to juvey, but was captured by the crazy dollmaker minions. Selina proved herself capable of protecting herself. She knows how to manipulate the system and get what she wants.

The more we delve into the world of Gotham we see more of the priorities of the cops in the city. Street cops will go where necessary depending on where the money is or the situation fits them best. While, Bullock is willing to beat a child for what he thinks is the answer. Unfortunately, his answers often reside with the quickest solution despite whether it is right or wrong.

Gotham - "Selina Kyle"Cobblepot is proving to be one of the more interesting characters. He is deranged and his reactions are never quite certain. One minute he could be speaking to you nicely, the next he could be slitting your throat. It is a toss up with him, which makes scenes with him feel even more interesting. Robin Lord Taylor plays Cobblepot with a sincerity in his friendly moments. You don’t even see the horror brimming underneath the surface of his character. That said, much of the dialogue surrounding Cobblepot is cheesy and a little bit too on the nose. Hopefully other characters will being treating him like a person rather than a caricature.

When one places Fish Mooney beside Carmine Falcone you see how different the characters are. Carmine oozes propriety and sophistication. He’s intelligent and threatening, without having to do much. There is no denying that he’s in charge. He is played with a level of understatement that makes his presence quiet, but all encompassing. Fish Mooney comes off as fake. She is trying to be high class, but doesn’t really know how. She’s all the glitz and glam without any proper etiquette. Where as Carmine feels like a threat that could exist in our world. Fish is over the top. It doesn’t help that everything about her seems to play it up even further. Whenever Fish is on screen, I actually cringe a little. That said at least she poses potential threats for the other characters in this world.

What did you think of the episode?

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