Sleepy Hollow – “The Kindred” Review

There is a new boss in town in the form of Leena Reyes. She isn’t just a tough latina ready to whip the town of Sleepy Hollow back into shape, but she also had a connection to Abbie’s mother. Leena has no problem poking around. This results in a poor introduction for both Jenny and Crane. If Leena is going to be sticking around all season our characters will be facing a lot of opposition other than just keeping all of the horrific things going on in Sleepy Hollow in check.

Sleepy Hollow - "The Kindred"There has never been any doubt that Crane loves his wife. To him she is all that matters and it doesn’t hurt that she’s a powerful witch. However, I’m with Abbie on this. I understand that Crane is so fiercely loyal, I’m just unable to care about Katrina. There has been so little on this show to endear Katrina to us. Instead she is a hollow shell that we are supposed to care about. Thus when her life is in danger, I’m more concerned with our team losing a powerful witch than losing Katrina as a character. Even Katrina’s sacrifice to stay with the headless horseman to buy them time didn’t feel like a major loss, despite Crane crying.

The episode revolved around a creature called the kindred. The kindred is a monster capable of rivaling the power of headless horseman, a prospect that puts the Mills sisters on edge. The frankensteinian creature is something to worry about, but Crane only sees it as a way to save his beloved wife. It truly was a hobbled together creature made of various people’s parts, to be finished with the head of the headless horseman. The conjuring of this creature turned out to be fascinating, with a number of quips played at Crane, before the monstrous beast rose to fight the headless horseman. Rather than fighting just the headless horseman, the kindred also had to take care of Henry’s horseman, but had a little help from Abbie.

After not seeing anything of Captain Irving’s fate in the premiere, we finally caught up with him. Of course being a cop in jail, he was a bit beat up, but didn’t seem to regret his decision. Things are not looking good for him as he will go to trial, but apparently an insanity plea will make him harder to get in contact with. Even still he chose to tell the truth while Reyes was in the room, getting him a psychiatric admit to Tarrytown for evaluation.

Sleepy Hollow - "The Kindred"This episode we got to see Abbie and Crane have another one of their brilliant moments together. it is their chemistry that keeps this show moving like a well oiled cog. They discussed their weaknesses. For Abbie her weakness comes in the form of Crane. While Crane’s weakness is his family. He’s willing to do anything to save or right them. For each of them their weaknesses make them question their impulses.

This week we got to see more of John Noble’s Henry. With every episode Henry becomes more fascinating as a man and a monster. His new black clad, flaming sword wielding knight is no exception to the continued awe that is the horseman of war. Henry is fighting dirty. He’s manipulative in his entrance into Irving’s life. I have a feeling things will get worse for Irving before they get better as he’s now signed some sort of blood pact with the horseman of war.

What did you think of the episode?

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