Agents of SHIELD – “Heavy is the Head” Review

The episode quickly picked up where the last episode left off. May blew onto the scene and gave Hunter an opportunity to survive. I suppose they wanted to reinforce that May is a badass because she was riding, weaving through traffic on a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. As someone who has learned how to ride, going without a helmet, even when it’s legal, is asking for bad news.

Agents of SHIELD - "Heavy is the Head"When Fitz walked on screen in a daze, I started tearing up. That was before we even got another glimpse at how he is still desperately struggling with what once came easy for him. He can’t think of what needs to be done much less explain it. When you compare how Fitz struggles over his words and thoughts in this second episode of season to against how zippy Fitz was that his mouth ran a mile a minute explaining his tools and theories. It is devastating. Meanwhile Head Simmons is getting Fitz into all sort of trouble. Thankfully, she is more good than bad as she allows him to talk things out.

The obelisk is still causing problems. When a waitress accidentally touched Creel she found herself a human statue a few minutes later. Creel is forced to reattempt his delivery of the obelisk to HYDRA. Before Creel could deliver, Raina meets up with him. It was an opportunity to see Creel show some character paired with one of the most intriguing characters the show has to date. Raina makes it very clear to Coulson that she does not work for HYDRA and doesn’t want Creel to make the delivery. If Raina’s first appearance this season is any indication of what is to come, I can’t wait to see whatelse she will do.

Agents of SHIELD - "Heavy is the Head"This week we finally got a chance to get to know our knew characters, Mack and Hunter a bit better. Hunter’s loyalty is easily bought. He’s willing to give up whoever necessary for his safety or what he thinks is right. Granted that can also mean betraying his team for his his own means if necessary. Mack on the other hand is a mechanical mind and is pretty sharp on his feet. He’s been able to step up to the plate while Fitz wasn’t fully able to operate at full capacity. He’s no Fitz by any means, but he gets things done. More importantly, he treats Fitz like a person (albeit strange) unlike the others who see him as broken.

One of the more interesting reveals in the episode is that Coulson is still having “episodes”. Periods of time when Coulson gives in to his compulsion to draw the intricate patterns we saw at the end of last season.

Raina also proved herself to be the only person so far to be able to hold the obelisk without being infected.

What did you think of the episode?

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