And so the NaNoWriMo Planning Begins

It is officially October. Can you believe it. 2014 has dragged, but the year is coming to a close at last. December means unwinding from November’s vigorous writing. October is a month of planning for that writing. I know there are plenty of people out there who don’t plan at all. Instead they would rather write by the seat of their pants. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that plan. It is so not me. I like to plan and I fully intend to use this month to nail down my story.

I’ve talked about plotting and planning multiple times again. No, this time I’m not going to talk about the way I put together all my thoughts. Instead, this post is all about how I will be spending the month of October. The way I’m using my time planning. October is a time for planning, but I’ve actually been getting my thoughts together in one place for nearly a month now. All my ideas have been festering and warring with each other as I try to find a plot that works.

With ideas already swirling about and recorded for reevaluation, October signals the beginning of parsing. For me that means creating at least one chapter outline every day as I work on further developing the world. This means creating characters in my head that will play out and reveal the story to me. It also means nailing down some of the nasty little details about the world and the plots that will play out. Nothing gets under my skin more than not knowing where a story is going. Then again I think I may be allergic to rework, which means I try to keep rework to a minimum. If some planning ahead of time will spare me some heartache in the long run, you bet I will be doing.

Yes, I am participating in NaNoWriMo again. The past two years I have sped through. Last year I reached 153,000 in one month. It’s bonkers. This year I’m doing it again as I write my space opera and bend the nanorules to write the other half of the NaNo project I start last year.

4 thoughts on “And so the NaNoWriMo Planning Begins

  1. This year I’m not only going to map out my story, but map in vigorous detail ten chapters. For the month of October every three days I will have a chapter mapped out and ready. Then when November hits I will have a complete written chapters every three days. I’ve never done it this way, but I hope it works.

  2. Warring ideas. ^_^
    I’m all planned up and ready to hit the ground running. I’m so with you on saving myself from rework and rewriting. It’s so much easier and more fun to edit when I’m not having to gut anything. I should be joining in on the festivities, but it’ll depend on how much work I get done this month.

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