Z Nation – “Full Metal Zombie” Review

Of all zombie shows out there or potentially out there, Z Nation would be the show to have a zombie stoner session. Yes, I said it. Z Nation got a zombie high and it was both funny and worrying. Doc ended up trapped in a shaft with a zombie and after freaking out decided to light up what he thought would be his last night. The zombie stuck in there with him was rather eerie on multiple occasions as it followed Doc’s movements and snapped at his arm a little too close to comfort.

Z Nation - "Full Metal Zombie"10k got some interesting character material. Actually it wasn’t super interesting, but it finally gave us some insight as to what was actually going on with him. It seems that he came from a very loving family at least at first glance. His father seemed devoted to him and rather wholesome. 10k seemed equally devoted and seemed to cherish his dad. I hope we get to learn more about 10k and he can evolve as a character.

This week the crew had to deal with a crazy general. Boy was he cray. Not only did he call a big gaping bit mark on his leg a little scratch, but ever subsequent encounter with the man concurred that the man was nutty. His “war room” was filled with soldier zombies that had been placed in seats all looking to him. Not only that but he seemed to keep all his men around and was killing them off in chunks, but denying what happened. You didn’t really need to see what had got him to that place to understand that he was long gone.

Citizen Z has a crush on Addy. Similar to the general, being alone is getting to him. He is having conversations with her online. Well, simulated conversations and dedicating songs over the radio. It’s the closest he can get to her. let him have his innocent crush even if it is a bit creepy.

The opening sequence was also rather entertaining as the crew lost and found their truck twice on the same stretch of road. It was total karma when we saw the bikers that held up our crew get held up by a family. I will admit that the sweet little family that we saw didn’t seem very harmful, but that should have been the first clue that they were the most dangerous. However, not long after their truck absconded without them they found it again with the murderous family now being eaten by the zombies. It’s a harsh reminder that it is survival of the fittest and the zombies can easily win.

What did you think of the episode?

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