Doctor Who – “Kill The Moon” Review

The Doctor and Clara do the moon with a teenage companion and some disgruntled spacers in the near future. That is the gist of what gets the characters we follow in place for the trouble that ensues. After the ending of last week the troublesome, but completely in awe, Courtney Woods went along with the Doctor once more. It was highly important to her as she began to tie her self worth to how the Doctor approves of her. That led him to agree t take her to the moon.

Doctor Who -"Kill The Moon"On the moon, The Doctor quickly deduces that something is wrong with the moon. For one there is gravity, and there are also giant spider like creatures running about the surface. The spiders wee merely a clue leading to the fact that there was in fact life on the moon. Actually, the entire moon was a life. The moon is like an egg with a baby creature inside changing the balance and ready to say hello to the universe. With Clara and Courtney wanting to save the life, while saving the moon, they opposed the astronaut who wanted to kill it.

The Doctor decided to leave the decision to the women. He literally buggered off with the idea that it isn’t his planet and he isn’t going to be a part of it. It was a major cop out, but did force the women to really talk it out. Unfortunately, the rational didn’t work very much for me. they essentially rehashed the same points that they went through with the Doctor in their presence. They just seemed more agitated. When it came to a point where a decision didn’t seem to be made, the astronaut made it. Clara wasn’t going to stand for that and tried to make a call to the people of the world for answers. They had a span of minutes to make the decision. An idea that doesn’t work considered a large portion of the world would be asleep. And I’m sure that even more wouldn’t have seen that broadcast.

Doctor Who -"Kill The Moon"All of that fuss for nothing. The creature hatched, taking away the moon and laid a new egg. As the Doctor said, a new moon. Of course there is no way they could have known that. For the characters they had to make a decision and live with it. What was frustrating was that the Doctor knew something. He left them to make a decision that he was never going to let them make the wrong on. The Doctor was always going to make his decision. I was glad when Clara called him out on it. She saw his bullshit and made him see how rude he was being. She’s tired of him making a fool of herself.

What did you think of the episode?


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