The Strain – “The Master” Review (Season Finale)

It is a bit endearing that Eph is still trying to protect his son from what is really happening and the violence he is taking part of. However, Abe is right when it comes to the fact that it will only hinder Zack. He’s a kid yes. He is not an idiot and he is not useless. Yes, keeping his child safe is the most important thing to him. It is entirely understandable that he doesn’t want his child getting involved. Zack is old enough though to protect himself. With Eph as a father it wouldn’t be surprising if he never let his son take care of himself in this world. It was refreshing for Nora to be the one to talk some sense into Eph. That means Eph can’t just hide with his son like he wants, he has to let him fight.

The Strain - "The Master"Gus is with the vampire warriors. This was one of the best looks we’ve had of one of them as their leader spoke with Gus. Rather than keeping him trapped, he freed him, but didn’t appreciate being attacked. It is now entirely clear that they are most certainly vampires in the standard sense, and of the elite intelligent order. While we don’t yet know what drove these vampires to target their own. Gus was brought into a much bigger issue. He was brought in to work for the Ancients. The Ancients seem to be upset by what has been done by the Master.

Palmer is relishing he’s new found agility. However, that is all that it is, restored health. He didn’t gain the immortality that he sought. Instead he add’s Abe’s wife’s heart to his collection of his own failed organs. Palmer’s outrage at the possibility of New York City being quarantined to prevent the spread of the outbreak was the final straw for Mr. Fitzwilliams who walked out. What didn’t quite make sense was why Palmer wanted the disease to spread. I couldn’t fathom why he wanted to the world to fall. From every indication we’ve seen, Palmer wants immortality. Anything else doesn’t matter.

The Strain - "The Master"Everything led up to the big final confrontation with The Master. The Master had taken residence in an old speakeasy. All his vampires had crowded the place to protect him. The team managed to hold together rather well and kept all who went in alive. However as Abe, Eph, an Zack cornered him into a room and then threw the sunlight on him by cracking windows, it seemed like they’d be in good shape. They might have been able to take out The Master. Yes, the sunlight hurt and burned the Master, but it did not kill him. As he writhed in pain he eventually built up the strength to run off, seizing the moment of hesitation that Abe allowed when his head could have been loped off.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “The Strain – “The Master” Review (Season Finale)

  1. I really enjoy the strain. the vampires are gross & series is very scary. I just don’t know why the sunlight didn’t kill the master. He is horribly scarey & ugly. The vampires are as scary as the zombies. Can’t wait till 2015

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