Gotham – “The Balloonman” Review

One of the best things about Gotham is the image that it so successfully sets of the image of the city. There is a gritty, dirty city feel that exudes from the streets of Gotham. Whether it’s the people moving through the streets or the smoke rising from the buildings it feels like it comes from the images of Gotham in the comics. It is beautiful to behold.

Gotham - "The Balloonman"Watching Cobblepot become increasingly murderous is fascinating. He’s killing people left and right and is able to switch from a crazed killer to a man looking for food. Watching him move through the world, striking out at all who insult him is very entertaining. The idea that he presumably killed a man for shoes is twisted and dark. Especially when the crime was only so he could get a kitchen job. At this point I am watching the show for him.

The young Bruce scenes are a combination of amazing while still feeling unnecessary. Bruce is slowly building his skills with Alfred. It is his wonder in his parent’s case that makes him increasingly interesting. He won’t give up and fancies himself becoming a detective one he finds a clue. It’s clear that he has a lot of pain now brimming beneath the surface and the things he has been doing, like conquering fear and staring at crime scene photos is how he deals. Unfortunately, every time Bruce goes on a tangent he’s instantly met with the same tirade from Alfred again and again. We get that Alfred is concerned, but it his reactions or Bruce’s behavior will need to change before this song and dance gets played out when we see a slight variation each week.

Gotham - "The Balloonman"All of the scenes with the major crimes are grating on me. The pair is hardly interesting as they both seem to only know how to glare. In a similar way to the fact that Barbara never seems to leave that Gotham apartment. Even when Montoya, who is Barbara’s ex, she even admitted that she did nothing. It must be nice. Montoya and Barbara’s past relationship is the only thing that makes their relationship even slightly interesting So many of the characters are already falling into these patterns and ideas of who they are. They feel like silly caricatures of these characters. One of the challenges of adapting a comic for TV is making sure that the characters maintain their personalities and character beats, while adding depth. The depth is something that hasn’t been added to many of the characters or even hinted at a few episodes in.

The Balloonman presented similar issues as last week’s episode Selina Kyle. Once again a crime happens and Gordon is the only person who thinks it is important to look into until a ore public event forces Bullock and the rest of the cops on board. In this case, The Balloonman is targeting crooked public figures and killing them by sending them up with a weather balloon. While Gordon was initially the only one driven to solve the case, when a cop was targeted the rest of the department got on board.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “Gotham – “The Balloonman” Review

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    My thoughts about the episode was Intense when Jim was looking for the villains and stuff about who’s doing who and something like that. Awesome episode.

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