Sleepy Hollow – “The Root of All Evil” Review

One of the things that Sleepy Hollow has always been good at is not dragging out various plot points. The fact that Abbie and Crane already know that Henry is acting as Irving’s lawyer. Which then propelled them into the meat of the episode as they tried to track him down and stumbled upon a demonized coins. Henry has mastered the ominous nature of his character as he encounters and interacts with our team. It’s easy to forget that Irving didn’t know all the little details aout Henry because he had already turned himself in.

Sleepy Hollow - "The Root of All Evil"Crane is as always delightful when it comes to reconciling the changes in the world with what he knows from the past. The writers have found a way to make Cranes observations not just be humorous because of his fish out of whatever nature, but also for upending the audience’s expectations. The fact that Crane found it appalling that a man would wear a hat indoors, while it was set up to look like he was perplexed by a gay couple. It was another nice way of painting Crane as an observer.

We already knew that Reyes was tied to Abbie and Jenny’s past through their mother. The revelation that it was Reyes that put their mother in the psych ward, where she ultimately killed herself was a bit deep. The statements that Reyes made about their mother now seem to cut even deeper. There is o remorse with Reyes action. Reyes actions drove both Abbie and Jenny to fight and reconcile with each other. With the knowledge of what Reyes did to their mother it was even harder for the two of them to deal with what could have happened. In many ways Reyes ruined their lives, but they needed to be the bigger people. By being able to not kill Reyes, Abbie was given answers. Her mother was tormented by Molloch until she could no longer take it.

Sleepy Hollow - "The Root of All Evil"This week welcomed the introduction of Nick Hawley an old friend of Jenny who is also a a smuggler. Immediately he rubbed Crane the wrong way and it was fun seeing how frustrated he got in Nick’s presence. That said, despite running into the strange situation with the coin, he handled it rather well. However, where as Crane analyzes situations and likes to know why things are happening because he thrives on knowledge. Nick is more willing to go in hard and not ask questions. That said, he is also in it for the profit and the profit is in the coin. Crane sees this only adding to the inability for the two to get along very well. Nick isn’t going away until he collects all 30 coins, but not before giving Crane some falsified documents.

What did you think of the episode?

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