The Originals – “Rebirth” Review

Rebekah’s fairytale of the events of last season was quite fitting. It provided an elegant recap to last season rather than the standard montage. It was a nice way to start of the season as it both updated and recapped what had happened since the end of the last season.

The Originals - "Rebirth"Within 10 minutes, Marcel already seemed to be plotting and looking in to what Klaus was up to. The idea that Marcel again is plotting on something is terrifying. They never seem to go his way. Josh is helping Marcel build his army, but is very careful in his selection. Not anyone is chosen to be one of them and the show of how the pair is recruiting is amusing.

Francesca Guerra has her hands in everything throughout the French Quarter. Much in the way that Marcel had New Orleans on lock down for everyone but the vampires, Francesca is now doing the same with werewolves in the forefront. But where was Marcel left things somewhat harmonious if not strict, the Quarter now seems to ooze danger.

The Originals is a show that thrives on plots and betrayal. The entire first season did this well as everyone had their own agenda. Everyone subverts each other and that’s what makes the show compelling. You can never trust anyone, but you can trust that they will act on their own best interests every time. The idea that Klaus is finally ready to strike after months of twiddling thumbs and smashing canvas was hard to believe. Which was why when they finally decided to strike it seemed just right. With every attack more rings were recaptured and Klaus regained his strength.

The Originals - "Rebirth"All of the hubub of the Guerras taking over was handled by the end of the episode. All of the chaos of the situation was done. In many ways I wish that there was some more build up with the wolves under Guerra rule. As it this opening made it seem as though all the threat from last season was foolish. It also makes you wonder why they did wait so long if they were able to fix things in one night with the addition of only one vampire to the team.

This season seems to be diving head first into the character drama and anguish. There are so many characters who are pained this season. It looks like we will be seeing that all play out in the coming season. Which begs the question as to where the betrayals will stem from. yes, we know that Mikael is out there ready to be a thorn in the Mikaelson brother’s sides, but so far he seems to be the only major threat. Though there does seem to be an interesting development with the slow return of the dead Mikaelsons who are inhabiting other bodies.

What did you think of the episode?

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