The Flash – “Pilot” Review

Grant Gustin brings a life to Barry Allen that I could no longer imagine anyone else in the role. I buy that he’s a sweet, but intelligent guy. I can see how he can be both shy and confident at the same time. it’s a very tough line to walk and with every step, Gustin is completely enigmatic. You want to succeed and root for him. He’s a good guy and his work has proved that he wants justice.

The Flash - "Pilot"The team that forms around Barry Allen is solid but standard. There is the elder filled with wisdom, but he has his own troubles. The very accident that gave Barry powers bombed Harrison Wells’ career, yet he’s there to help Barry. Then there is Cisco Ramon who is wide-eyed and excited about everything that Barry can do. It is a great contrast to the work oriented and likely to be irritated Caitlin Snow. Knowing the alter egos of these characters we know that Cisco will likely one day become the fun Vibe. Whereas Caitlin is primed to become the villain Killer Frost. Based on the clues laid in the pilot about Caitlin’s fiance and her involvement with Barry, she looks like she’ll be getting an interesting treatment in the show. I would be more than happy to see how her inner turmoil plays out this season, especially if it doesn’t result in her becoming an outright villain.

The Flash steps right into the realm of powers with no pretenses. There was a light moment of foreshadowing when Barry tried to chase down a mugger and ultimately failed. The Flash is unafraid to put powers in the forefront. Not only is Barry running at the speed of sound, but the plot also focused on Clyde, a man who could control the weather. It seems that the particle accelerator explosion that gave Barry his powers also gave powers to others. Which means it sets up at least a few more potential new threats. Who knows how many have been affected by the explosion in the same way that Barry was. They even went so far to dub it, meta-humans. The Flash’s willingness to jump in so quickly to the meat of what being The Flash is is reassuring, considering the slow build we saw on Arrow.

The Flash - "Pilot"Barry has all sorts of family issues that looks like they will take quite a while to deal with. The most obvious is the tragic loss of his mother that left his father in jail. Barry is still struggling with that and the new knowledge that what he saw may have really been real all along. Not to mention that the man who took him in, still believes that Barry’s father a former friend is a murderer. Then there is the Iris situation. I won’t even get into that because that could inspire an entire post of it’s own.

For a pilot, The Flash is one of the better pilots I’ve seen. If gave you all the elements that you could potentially want. It established characters. It had a clear, but resolvable threat. it set up multiple future plotlines without any feeling like they weren’t resolved enough for the episode at hand. Most importantly it got into the meat and potatoes of what it really means to be The Flash. Yes, we could have gotten a bit more depth on some of the characters we know will be major players, but we got the most important characters covered.

What did you think of the episode?

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