American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Monsters Among Us” Review (Season Premiere)

Can I say, that is one bold and stupid milk man. When you find a woman dead in a strangers house, it isn’t normal to not call 911 and instead explore the house with a rolling pin. Nevertheless, it set the tone, things are both murderous and not normal.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Monster Among Us"I am not afraid of clowns. I never have been, but Twisty scares the life out of me. Maybe it’s his macabre mask. Maybe it’s the fervor with which he kills. Or maybe it’s the way he charged after that young girl in the field. The mask may have been smiling its twisted grin, but I have the strong feeling that it was just an emulation of Twisty’s high of the kill. Then again could just be scared by the fact that he wears a scalped head and exhibits erratic and violent behavior.

Bette and Dot are fascinating character. Despite being siamese twins, sharing parts, while having their own all in the same body, they have very different personalities. Bette is optimistic and also impulsive, which led her to kill her mother because she was tired of being holed up and just wanted to see a movie. While Dot is severe. She seems to hate her sister and despises the fact that she is tied to someone so very different from herself. I’m enjoying the way that they are showed communicating with each other with their minds. I’m not all for split screen they use to highly how one of the sisters is reacting to a certain stimulus. It is frequently bandied about and becomes overwhelming at times. I understand this is probably done to help with some of the special effects and logistics of filming. However, if the technique is used too much it will continue to be overwhelming and will grow stale.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Monster Among Us"Jessica Lange dominates as Elsa. She’s terrifying and powerful when it comes to her waning showw filled with freaks. She is a fierce mama lion that is ready and willing to do all she needs to protect her own. It is endearing and a nice change for Lange who’s played selfish characters on the show so far. Now, she gets to show she cares and all of Elsa’s ruthlessness is directed at those who want to see her monsters burn. That said, she isn’t the only one willing to fight for her family. We quickly see that everyone is bonded as multiple people come to Bette and Dot’s aid when they are almost taken into custody. Heck, Jimmy even kills the detective, and this is moments after we hear Jimmy talk about how he wants to get away from the show.

There are a lot of characters this season and keeping them all interesting without letting them fall into the background will be the challenge of this season. Then again that has always been one of the problems American Horror Story faces. So far this season there is a balance that keeps us interested, while still teasing more characters. We will need to see them more to sty interested, but this is an interesting start so far.

What did you think of the episode?

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