Arrow – “The Calm” Review

Arrow has gone through growing pains, but with two seasons now behind it, they know how to make an episode interesting. Especially when you have a season premiere set approximately five months after the events of the finally. There were a lot of characters and situations to catch up on. Arrow managed to deliver a fulfilling episode that clued us in to how things are now, while also setting things up for the season.

Arrow - "The Calm"Vertigo has always been a big problem on this show. The drug just seems to always be a problem in Starling City. The old Count Vertigo may dead, but this guy means business. If the rpg blown into a restaurant meant to take out the Arrow is any clue, it will only get worse. Last season, Oliver’s confrontation with the Count could have been an episode ending fight. This season is already pushing things further as the episode continued on. Oliver still had to confront them yet again with a bomb that could have gone off killing thousands of people in an arena.

Anyone who has read my Arrow reviews in the past, knows that I fully support the pairing of Felicty Smoak and Oliver Queen. They compliment each other personality wise as well as ability wise. If Oliver is the muscle, Felicity is the brains. If Oliver is an ugly dose of reality, Felicity is the beaming optimism. The list goes on, but they as a pair works. That said Oliver is reluctant. Even Diggle had to point it out to Oliver that he was fooling himself if he didn’t think he had real feelings for Felicity. All this led to the date. The date led to a whole bunch of feels as Oliver admitted how he felt about Felicity. Unfortunately, when the antagonists attacked the restaurant because Oliver hadn’t noticed a tracer, his fears were confirmed.

Arrow - "The Calm"
This episode we got to meet Ray Palmer as he wandered into Felicity’s dead end job. Instantly they have things in common as they are able to bond over their enjoyment of hacking. That is before he barges into the board room as a bidder for Queen Consolidated. Ray is enigmatic and hard not to like even has he delivers a speech that dwarfs Oliver’s. That said, the initial friendliness is out the window once Felicity knows who he is. If he’s going to win her over, he will need to try harder. However, it won’t be too hard if Oliver remains to distant from Felicity.

As of last season we’ve known that the flashbacks this season would be centered around Oliver in Hong Kong. Despite, being in Hong Kong he is staying with a japanese family. We don’t know much about them, but they are giving him a place to stay in order to keep someone they care about safe. Amanda Waller also gave Oliver some threats

Arrow - "The Calm"

One of the most traumatic moments of the season was the return of Sara Lance. She threw down and helped Oliver in his fight, then made claims she might stick around. Heck she even met up with Laurel for some sisterly bonding. However, moments later, Sara literally fell to her death in front of her sister. It was traumatic. It was harsh. It sent a chill down my spine. To make matters worse, we don’t even know who did it.

What did you think of the episode?

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