Doctor Who – “Mummy on the Orient Express” Review

Last week, Clara and the Doctor had an explosive argument that left Clara rather sour. Considering that I was particularly keen on Clara actually telling off the Doctor it was strange seeing them so amiable towards each other as though it never happened. Yes, the show had to go on, but what is so wrong with having the team not quite so harmonious. It would have been nice if we saw Clara work through the anger she had for the Doctor of the weeks that we never saw. What we did get was Clara saying that things weren’t the same. It would have been far more effective if we were actually able to see them not getting along quite as well as before. Instead, we literally have the characters separated for the majority of the episode.

Doctor Who - "Mummy on the Orient Express"I absolutely love that Doctor Who tackled a traditional murder mystery on a train. So many shows have used this convention to no only take their shows to a fun new place, but also pose some sort of a mystery. For Doctor Who, this is less a special episode, but a rendition of a type of story. That meant the focus was taken away from the fact that this was a murder mystery on a train. Real people were dying on this space train. Not only that but anyone who was targeted saw a mummy hunting them down. 66 seconds once you see the mummy, and then you die.

What was most interesting was that they were never actually on the train. So quickly we went from a traditional murder mystery, to something far more interesting. The real guests on the train were all experts in their field. The exact people who can figure out to solve the mystery of the mummy. As the Doctor described it, they had a bullet to their heads and they needed to find out. The longer it took for them to discover the issue the more people would die.

Doctor Who - "Mummy on the Orient Express"There wasn’t a whole lot to dig into this week, other than the acknowledgement that the Doctor is arrogant, something we already knew. Instead, it was a fun episode, but lacking story wise. There was some development for the Clara and the Doctor dynamic. In many ways, Clara is replacing the Doctor with Danny, but it isn’t a full replacement. Clara is learning to how to balance things. To her, The Doctor is still he wondrous man that she first met, capable of bringing her glorious adventures. More importantly, she’s learning how to get closer to both men with their own separate parts in her life. This only came about because she was able to confront the Doctor about how he feels about the situations he gets himself into. The Doctor wants t save lives and that’s what brings Clara back to him. She just needed to find a way to accept that he sometimes had to let others be sacrificed to make the right decision.

What did you think of the episode?


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