Gotham – “Arkham” Review

The Penguin just doesn’t listen. Cobblepot was told to not come back to Gotham. So of course he never even left the city, claiming he had no where else to go. He’s been making his way around the city, killing people again and again. Now when Cobblepot actually didn’t do the killing, he made it so he gained a promotion in the joint. He had all of his competition taken out and now had his position. Four episodes in and Cobblepot is already in his suit.

Gotham - "Arkham"One of the biggest problems I have with the show so far is how inconsistent Jim Gordon is. He is always good that doesn’t change. However, how far he’s willing to bend does. In one instance he is rigid on his stance to do good. Then seemingly the next he’d threatening people. Gordon also spends quite a bit a time being annoyed. It is making Gordon come off very one-note. Considering he is the main character of the show, he needs to be a bit more engaging, at the very least show a side of him that isn’t all frustration. At this rate if Gordon doesn’t learn how to crack a smile and enjoy life even a little

I’m very confused by the era of this show. It is a strange hybrid world that needs to become more consistent. The entire city has a beautiful old school look to it. The cars are aged. The buildings are gothic. It is all around gorgeous to look at and fairly consistent in that look. However, it also incorporates more modern technology alongside what would almost be ancient technology in comparison. There are cellphones, yet people still work on typewriters. It doesn’t quite compute, but it does lend to an undefined time period that makes it less a product of our current era and more a product of the Batman universe.

Gotham - "Arkham"Every week we see Bruce Wayne somehow drawn into the episode. Often it is a fleeting connection related to the episode at hand. Generally it is rather clumsy, but this week’s actually worked. Everything was tied to his parent’s plans for the Arkham area of Gotham. Thus Bruce felt like he was legitimately tied to this plot as he himself dove into his parents plans to try to find a connection. I get that he is fostering his fascination with clue finding, but it is very ham-fisted at the moment.

Call the Gotham Gazette, Barbara left the apartment! It took for episodes, and she still doesn’t seem to be doing anything meaningful, but at least she made it out. Her entire purpose so far is to fight with Jim.

What did you think of the episode?

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