How to Find Time

Life can be tough. it can be busy and frustrating and despite knowing there is a finite end, it can seem to go on forever. It’s an interesting conundrum to go through life, wanting to make the most of your time on Earth, while also being able to sit back and relax. For some people that means going out all the time and constantly finding events to attend. For some people just being about to sit back and not do anything for an evening is blasphemous. When you want to be a writer you have to be able to accept that every so often you need to slow down in order to write.

Yet, there is a balance when it comes to being a writer. One can’t be constantly going out so one doesn’t have the time to write and to read. Getting out does give a person varied life experiences, making adventures out of the every day and gaining a broader spectrum of the world. However, writing requires a person to be introspective. That requires both time and the ability to slow down so not as many stimulus are there. Sometimes that can be hard and frustrating. If someone has the secret to writing while living a non-stop wear your body down type of life, you have to tell me.

Generally, I’m more than content to stay home and relax, every so often breaking out of my shell to get out for a couple of hours. That’s just me. I’m content with my own company, at least until people begin to question my decisions. So when I go through a weekend like this past one, I’m ready for a couple weeks of decompression before the hectic activity even begins. I’m mellow, I like to analyze and unless I love something, don’t expect me to keep doing it. It hurts even more when it starts taking away my time to write. I need to write and work on my writing. I can’t let myself be put in a position where I need to wing something. I like everything to be very complete and finished, and precise.

Which all leads me to the most important part, if you want to write you need to find the time. Everyone has obstacles that life presents them. There will always be an excuse not to do it or why today is just a bad day. Always. Life is busy and messy and is constantly trying to throw things in your path that will trip you up. If you want to write, you need to tell every last obstacle to screw themselves and then take it into your own hands to make the time. Pretty much what I’m saying is, if you want to be a writer you find the time even if it makes you a little uncomfortable. If writing your story is so important to you, you’ll get up at four am to get in a few hours before other obligations get in the way. If it is so important you’ll push through even though you’re exhausted and your body is physically screaming at you.

It’s about prioritization. If you aren’t writing, then it isn’t far enough up your list of things that are important to you for it to matter. So rather than complain about it, accept that or find the time. Life’s tough, I get it, but it’s about priorities. It isn’t always easy and it isn’t always fair and not everyone finds the time. And that’s okay, but there is no point in getting angry or frustrated about it.

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