Sleepy Hollow – “Go Where I Send Thee…” Review

Sleepy Hollow - "Go Where I Send Thee..."The Pied Piper reared his ugly head in Sleepy Hollow wielding a bone flute to lure his targets under their will. Like the lore of old the Pied Piper spoke to a young girl and lured her from her home. However, like everything on Sleepy Hollow there was a twist. In this case, the lure of the music doesn’t just effect children as we saw Abbie lured by the flute when Crane played it. The Pied Piper is a monster wreaking havoc on the Lancaster family for centuries as revenge.

The reason this show works so well is because Abbie and Crane are able to trust each other completely. Abbie is willing to place all of her trust in Crane that he will protect and take care of her should something go wrong. In this case, Abbie was effected by the lure and they created a loop for her to lead them toward were the girl. Abbie literally has to trust that Crane will keep her safe and that says a lot about the relationship they’ve fostered so far.

Sleepy Hollow - "Go Where I Send Thee..."Hawley made his return this episode. As a relic hunter, he has a lot of knowledge about old things, which allows us to get some history stories from someone other than Crane’s perspective. In this case, the lore of the Pid Piper that Crane told was enhanced by Hawley’s knowledge. The difference between Hawley and Crane is that Hawley doesn’t believe any of the supernatural related facts. He sees just the fact that he can potentially make a lot of money by getting that flute. Hawley saw the creature and he could care less. They made a deal and Hawley could careless about the danger of the flute, all he saw was money. Thus confirming Crane’s rightful dislike and finally pushing Abbie to be thoroughly disgusted with his behaviour. Personally, I’m torn between being drawn to Hawley’s charm and repulsed by his unscrupulous nature. Then I’m reminded that he still offers to help. Hopefully, soon I will be able to draw a solid opinion on the character, but for now he’s interesting.

The main plot of the week wasn’t quite as interesting as episode’s past. This was mostly a one off adventure. The pied piper was bizarre looking and there was no major impact on the major plot. That isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes it is nice to take a bit of a detour and just let the characters do what they do best. That is to fight evil fores that encroach on Sleepy Hollow territory. And while the pied piper wasn’t really a direct threat on the overarching plot, it did give Henry another ingredient and that is never good.

Oh and Irving finally realized that he signed away his soul, when he saw the horseman of war in a hallucination.

What did you think of the episode?

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