The Originals – “Alive & Kicking” Review

The Originals - "Alive & Kicking"Hayley has always been a bit jaded, not one filled with optimism, but angst. Even still, last season Hayley held hope and some sort of happiness. This season she’s been nothing but dour. It wasn’t until Klaus forced her out of the house to see her wolves. Klaus wants her to lead them. He wants for him to still have a pack, but he wishes for them to be obedient. However, he clearly realizes that it won’t be him

We got to see a bit more about what the other Mikaelson’s are doing in those other bodies. His mother, in the body of a young woman is making moonlight rings for the vampires. The two had their first confrontation and Klaus didn’t notice that it was his mother. She espoused her former knowledge of witch and werewolf alliances. This is all while she used Kol (in his false body) to woo and gain favor of Davina. While Esther was playing her strings on Klaus, it appeared as though he figured out that it was his mother. He sensed it, saw it, yet still didn’t believe that it was actually her.

The Originals - "Alive & Kicking"Klaus warned his mother that the power balance in New Orleans is always in flux with people plotting against people at all times. We saw it happen all of last season and this season appears to be no exception. Klaus is a hybrid, but wishes to align with his werewolf roots. Esther is clearly on team witch as she plots to take over the city and restore balance to the old, even if that means aligning with werewolves. Then there is Mikael who particularly wants all vampires dead and wouldn’t bat an eye at killing any other supernatural. Marcel realizes that all the divides are making the city dangerous and forces Elijah to face this truth. Elijah only has vampires and he needs to help them.

Davina’s outrage didn’t make any sense. Of course it all centered around the white oak stake and it’s potential to kill an original. Despite, knowing that killing Klaus woud result in her dear Marcel, she denied all knowledge of the stake. Elijah was easily able to see through that claim she knew nothing. Instead she insisted that she was innocent and could handle herself. In that sense she became quickly dangerous as she let out her attack down also knowing as Mikael. he managed to save her from an attack that could have left her dead or badly injured. It was one of the very people she didn’t want to help, that came to her aid when Mikael was ready to dispose of her.

What did you think of the episode?

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