The Walking Dead – “No Sanctuary” Review

My review is up over at Geeked Out Nation. Here’s an excerpt.

twds05e01x02In seasons past, The Walking Dead would have teased out what was going to happen to Rick and the gang even though as the audience we know that most if not all of them were going to be okay. Unfortunately, they still haven’t learned to change that for us. Instead we were delivered a framing device that highlighted the fate of those at Terminus. It did however give us the sense of what would come of our characters and what would happen to the captors. More importantly, it gave us something to look forward to, how exactly were they going to get their comeuppance. It looked like things were going to go very terribly as they faced the trough, but thankfully with a bit of timely invention and cunning we were treated to a brutal layered scene.

What did you think of the episode?

2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – “No Sanctuary” Review

  1. I enjoyed it, though I have an issue with some of the pacing. While I enjoyed the action and smaller character moments where we’re reminded that Rick and company are more human- or convincing themselves that they are- than the others, my only gripe is very minor: I feel that the reunion AND destruction of Terminus came too soon for just a single episode, particularly with how Season 4 built up to Terminus. It could have spread over two episodes, but that’s a very minor issue. Also, given how much of a survival instinct these people I have, I never felt they were in any real danger at all, despite the false scares. Nothing that took away from my enjoyment of the premiere. Hoping that since we got a little insight on Terminus that we eventually come back to it.

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