Agent’s of SHIELD – “Face My Enemy” Review

Coulson stepped out of his office and entered the field for the first time in a while, with May on his hip as they masqueraded into a party for a personal mission. As always they are keeping secrets from the rest of the team and even decided to go radio dark. It was a nice sign that despite being clearly lied to, the rest of the team still realized this and took it as an opportunity to bond.

Agents of SHIELD - "Face My Enemy"One of the most fun parts of the episode was seeing May break out of her normal show to participate in a covert op. An op where May had to be friendly talkative and pretty much everything that May typically isn’t. She played it well, making even her chipper behavior come off as masked, but strained. May is generally so enjoyable as her grumpy self. We were also treated to yet another amazing May fight sequence as she essentially fought herself. The moves she throws down are always beautifully choreographed making for some of the best fight sequences on TV. It is a testament to the stunt people and the choreographers at how frequently those sequences are top notch.

Talbot may have been laying hard onto Coulson, but he would have never gone to HYDRA. Thus the initial scenes that sowed Talbot supposedly working with HYDRA felt strange. It finally made more sense when it was revealed that these were legitimate HYRDRA agents merely imitating Talbot. They were quick to use May’s likeness to continue their ruse and get what is necessary. However it is the impersonation of May that gets them caught. May is not a touchy feely person, but her impersonator held his hands as a sign of comfort.

Agents of SHIELD - "Face My Enemy"On the Bus the may impostor planted a virus that slowly began to explode the various systems. This transformed the mood of bonding and talking about trivial things to trying to figure out ow to stop the explosions. While it was nice seeing them have to do something that was directly effected by May and Coulson’s mission, it often felt like they didn’t know what to do with the rest of the crew. This is a bit of a problem. They have a large cast now and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you can’t have the characters just sitting around waiting for something to happen so they can do something. These are characters that have more than enough going for them that they could make for interesting situations if they are given things to do.

Also at the heart of the episode was Coulson and May finally having the talk about the contingency plan. Coulson isn’t getting better, but worse. He doesn’t want to end up like Garret though. Thus May’s plan to hide him off in the middle of the nowhere isolated is rejected by Coulson, who will stand for nothing less than her killing him.

Whitehall showed himself to Raina as an attempt to manipulate her. With a little device placed on her hand, Raina must now bring him the obelisk or succumb to whatever Whitehall does to her.

What did you think of the episode?

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