The Flash – “Fastest Man Alive” Review

Barry Allen is a low level worker with the cops. I can’t tell if he had powers, but there is a strange effect that happens as he analyzes crime scenes. It is almost as though he is Batman with his detective skills. I don’t think it’s necessary for us to see what Barry is seeing spelled out, but it is more strange because it seems outside of the realm of The Flash’s capabilities. Barry is into science, he isn’t the world’s greatest detective.

The Flash - "Fastest Man Alive"This week we saw in flashbacks the early relationship between Joe and Barry. After his dad was sent to prison, Barry had to adjust living with the West family. Joe was the only one to take Barry in and care about him, but being a young kid unable to understand that he was just an angry temperamental kid. At least from what we’ve seen so far. I nearly cried myself when I saw Joe tear up as Barry said that he wasn’t his father. No, Joe may not be his biological father, but Joe raised Barry since he was a kid, suffered through his teenage years and I’ve seen no indication that he doesn’t love Barry with all his heart as though he is his son. Thus it was heartbreaking to see Barry repel from Joe being a father to him. And I was then happy when Barry finally acknowledged i. It was a nice mini arc in the episode that I thought played out very well.

It’s only the second episode and Barry is already ready experiencing issues with his new meta-human powers. First when he was saving a group of people from a burning building, his vitals spiked and he had trouble composing herself. Then When he saved a guard and went to look for a plate number, the pain of whatever happened caused him to collapse. Those were the clues that helped lead up to the fact that Barry now needs to consume an insane amount of food to maintain himself.

The Flash - "Fastest Man Alive"We got to know Barry’s support team a bit better. Caitlin is still cold, but her penchant for rules and desire to do the right thing even if that means not acting. We still don’t know much about her, but it is becoming more clear that her behavior is at least partially colored by her fiancee’s death. We did get to see a bit of what makes her happy and thrills her and that is science. When she grew her own version of the clone she was positively giddy. Where as Cisco is just a ball of joy, finding it completely fascinating. He’s the one who is enabling Barry’s excursions and creating more gear for him. Then finally, there is Harrison Wells. He’s still rather mysterious and I still have my suspicions about him. That said, he proves to be an interesting character who wants the best for Barry, but bears no illusion that Barry isn’t needed in the fight against meta-humans. However, there were also veiled comments that Harrison had come to get Barry very early on after the accident with suspicions that something about him may be different.

The plot of the week focused on a man capable of replicating himself. The why of this villain is unnecessary. This is mainly because he served to teach Barry that his limits would be pushed and more importantly that they would continue to be pushed.

One of the most interesting aspects of the show so far is that Joe is essentially part of the Flash’s team. At first he was against having Barry participate as Barry already has a job with the law. he saw no need for Barry to also be a vigilante. Joe wants Barry to be safe, but he also sees his drive. After his conversation with Harrison, he seems at least partially onboard with the work that Barry will now be doing.

What did you think of the episode?

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