American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Massacres and Matinees” Review

The freaks of Jupiter are sticking together no matter what, even as everyone else wants them out of their town. With the cop missing, detectives informed the freaks that there would be no show as there is a curfew going into effect. The death of the cop is truly an issue, but one that Jimmy intends to take care of. Once it had been, at least for now, Jimmy went on his new mission. Trying to get the town folk of Jupiter to see his freak family as what they actually are, just people. That turned out absolutely terribly, but he tried.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Massacres and Matinees"Patti LaBelle played the Mott’s maid, a role that I didn’t expect to have something so small. As for the others living under the Mott roof, they are a supposedly upper class family. Dandy is a rightful prick, clearly far too old to be acting like the thoroughly spoiled 6 year old he’s been imitating. he’s grating with his complaints of being bored. His boredom even deluded himself into believing that wanted to join the show, that he belonged. Clearly something isn’t right about Dandy, but that doesn’t stop Gloria from trying to please her son as best possible. She even picked up a deranged looking clown on the side of the road (Twisty). Now let’s get things straight, if I see any clown on the side of the road, i’m not picking him up, even if he looks like he’s dying. Not if he looks like a sweet innocent clown. I have no idea why anyone with half a mind or desires to continue with life would pick up Twisty. Though I did feel like Dandy deserved the knocking that Twisty gave him before he fled the Mott mansion and returned to his children captives in his trailer with a stolen toy.

I tried to ignore Kathy Bates’ accent as Ethel, but it is atrocious and all over the place. It is really distracting to the point that I often forget all her lines because I find myself consumed with trying to nail it down. (Or at least nail down what she is attempting.) There are times she sounds like she’s from South Carolina, then from Boston, then from Ireland, then from the back of a strange truck hitching it’s way across the country in the 1800s. I don’t know, but it’s strange.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Massacres and Matinees"This week marked the introduction of Dell Toledo, the strong man and his wife Desiree Dupree, the three breasted hermaphrodite. After Dell caught a young gay man trying to use Desiree to convince himself that he could have a wife an a family, he killed the boy and forced them to flee Chicago. But just as those in Jupiter don’t want freaks, finding a home as someone who is different is increasingly difficult, with Elsa’s group being the last place for her them to stop. Quickly they joined the band and stirred up trouble, pushing the others to get out of their comfort zone. For one, they run by their own rules and all others are best if they get on the same track.

Dear lord did you see that mouth of Twisty’s. I nearly threw up my dinner it was so vile. However, it was a facepalm moment when Dandy decided to be Twisty’s accomplice. Again, because he is bored.

I’ll be honest, the little chicken head eater has been the only person in the circus that legitimately unnerved me. The way that Meep ripped off those heads with just joy made me cringe and squirm. I didn’t like it, so when Meep was pinned for the murder of the cop, I was torn. It was sad seeing Meep thrown in with the real criminals that could easily tear him apart. Then I would get a flash of the joy Meep had when killing small animals and I found it almost fitting that Meep was the one thrown in there with those who could take his head. And he didn’t even mke it through the night before he was returned dead.

What did you think of the episode?

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