Arrow – “Sara” Review

Sara is really gone and somehow Laurel managed to carry her dead body all the way back to Oliver’s lair. If that wasn’t a show of strength that she was on her way to become Black Canary, then I’m ready to see the real first indication. The real focus of the episode is actually Sara though, despite being dead. It was her effect on all those around her and how much they had grown to care for her. Losing her so suddenly is something they all need to deal with and each character dealt with that differently. Laurel has begun to blossom as a character and Kate Cassidy finally seems to be having fun with the role. When Laurel used force against the hospitalized patient to get information. Not only that but then she nearly killed a man because she thought he may have been the one who ended Sara’s life.

Oliver dove head first into finding out what and who happened to Sara. He scoped the site, tried to play out what happened, but it didn’t take long before he realized that he wasn’t in this on his own. Sara meant a lot to him and he very much helped him succeed in a number of things. In fact, considering the intricate past Oliver had with Sara, I didn’t feel like Oliver’s grief nailed it int he same away that everyone else’s did. I can believe that Oliver would turn to his work. I don’t buy just how closed off and composed he was at all times.

Arrow - "Sara"Felicity is struggling with Sara’s death as well. Last season we saw how Felicity felt inadequate in comparison to Sara. Felicity’s proclamations that Sara was like an Amazonian. She looked up to her and her death caused a break down. If Sara could fall, if her power friend could fall, then how was she going to deal with that and what would happen to her. Which eventually led to Felicity proclaiming that while Oliver was satisfied to shut himself off from the world, she wasn’t willing to rot. With all the advances Ray Palmer is making, I can easily see Felicity falling into his charms sooner rather than later despite her negations.

Hong Kong is proving to be an interesting test for Oliver. While the island was meant to push Oliver physically more than anything. Hong Kong is already proving to be more of a metal and emotional push. Already Oliver was tasked to kill Tommy who had followed Oliver to Hong Kong after Oliver made the mistake of checking his email. It is an interesting blunder with dire consequences. Oliver isn’t willing to kill Tommy, but considering we know exactly how he did die, and that Tommy didn’t know Oliver was ever alive, a lot of the tension in the flashback was lost. Oliver had to find a way to keep Tommy alive and outsmart Waller.

There was a very interesting motorcycle archer fight that happened in this episode. It was a bit disorienting seeing two people in helmets, full gear on motorcycles. I lost track of who was who, but it was still a cool scene.

Laurel did have a point that it did suck that Sara was reburied, filling a once empty grave, with the body that was supposed to be there all along. It was a nice sentiment that Diggle and Lilah are going to name their baby after Sara in her honor, so that she is never forgotten.

What did you think of the episode?

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