Z Nation – “Resurrection Z” Review

No one is denying that Murphy looks bad. Very bad. As Doc pointed out he looks worse than the zombies. This is an interesting progression in the story even if it doesn’t make complete sense. Murphy was bit roughly a year ago, but he’s only just now showing signs of degradation. Sure, it’s highly possible that whatever he was given was more of a temporary vaccine, one that needs to be redone after a certain period of time to retain it’s effect as it’s potency degrades. It could easily be the virus finally overtaking him. most interesting was when Murphy came face to face and it hesitated. Even worse was when the zombies just ran past him as though he wasn’t there alive. Hell, he was locked in a cage with them and not a single one laid a finger on him. Whatever is happening to Murphy is altering more than how he looks. The question now is if he is slowly dying and becoming a zombie or is he becoming the next stage of humanity.

Z Nation - "Resurrection Z"Last week we got some of the backstory of Roberta. This week, we got a bit more of Garnett as we encountered a safe haven run by a man he used to know, John. It also came along with some very overt flirting between Garnett as Roberta as they seem to be the two leaders in the group and find solace in each other. However like all horror, once someone hooks up they are in trouble. In this case, they were safe for a time in their locked room. All hell broke loose.

Religion in zombie apocalypse’s isn’t something uncommon. At all. In fact, some of my favorite zombie novels have had major plot lines that center around people who take the return of the dead as some second coming that must be worshiped. The idea that zombies are actually at peace and thus should not be attacked. It is nice to finally see that concept on screen as one group utterly destroyed the lives of people who were surviving in peace. It was well done if not at times a bit heavy handed, even for this show.

Z Nation - "Resurrection Z"It took a long time but Murphy finally actually helped the group rather than bitch or run like the giant scaredy cat that he is. Yes, we get that he went through a traumatic experience. He was bit eight times and survived. But time and time again he was absolutely useless as he either made things more difficult or provided no aid. He spouted is normal crap, but this time it bought the group the time necessary to get out of there from the crazies. Unfortunately, Garnett was shot in the process and died proclaiming his love for Roberta. For the second time in 6 episodes the group has lost it’s leader. This time it actually had some emotion behind it.

Side note: I swear as I was watching the episode there was a nexium commercial and my eyes told me that Murphy was in it. I swear it was him.


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