Doctor Who – “Flatline” Review

There was very much an Alice in Wonderland sort of feel to this episode as Clara realized that the exit was much smaller. Well, it wasn’t just the exit, but the entire exterior of the TARDIS was smaller (2/3rds smaller). Which of course meant it was a wonderful new conundrum for the doctor to solve, something he didn’t know the answer to. The TARDIS has always been bigger on the inside and now doubly so. The TARDIS is literally pocket side with the Doctor stuck inside.

Doctor Who - "Flatline"Clara again shined as the companion. This episode literally set Clara up so she would need to be the one taking action. The Doctor was ct off, so Clara needed to take charge and make sure things were done as the Doctor had to sit idly by. Time and time again Clara has proven that she is a very capable of handling herself in tough situations. When people tried to shut her down and question her, she laid down the hard truth in the form of a threat. The scary thing is that the more of the travels Clara has been going on the more like the Doctor she’s becoming. Unlike other companions who steadfastly kept the Doctor grounded in what is right and wrong, Clara is a bit more flexible. Many times she’s the good conscious, but she is perfectly capable of switching off being good if it means it will protect more people. In other words. She’s acting more like the Doctor.

One thing that is a little bit off putting though I doubt it was intentional on the part of the show runners. The Doctor seems to initially have an intense aversion to black males. The Doctor doesn’t like much of anyone, but he particularly seems to get off on a bad foot with black males. Thankfully, they were able to upend that trend as The Doctor rather quickly saw the use of Rigsy and his local knowledge. He is quick and makes connections that help the doctor figure things out faster. Rigsy was an absolutely fabulous addition to the episode proving himself to be the type of standout guest like Courtney Woods. You want to like Rigsy and he never get’s annoying which makes him all the more impressive for a one time character.

Doctor Who - "Flatline"The entire threat of the episode came from creatures that like to mess with dimensions and they are doing all of their experimentation on humans. It is quite and interesting conundrum for them to face as people are being sucked into walls and floors leaving behind parts of themselves on a surface. Whether it was mural of lost victims, the skin wall, or the flattened out nervous system pattern it was creepy when you thought about what it actually was. More pressing was the reason for why these dimensionally challenged villains as it never seemed clear. One of the great things about Doctor Who is that it generally establishes some sort of reason for why villains are doing something, even if it was a flimsy excuse. The past couple of episodes have not provided any real reason for why things were done other than well, because. That is a bit frustrating especially when you know you likely won’t see them again. They didn’t leave an impact and honestly, I’m okay with that. I won’t be remember the actual dimensionally challenged people in a few weeks anyway.

Note I’m not entirely sure why The Doctor turned the TARDIS upright in order for him to “Addams Family” it out of there. If anything I imagine it would have made it more difficult to drag. However, it became clear that it was done for two reasons. 1. For the visual. 2. For it to topple back over and reintroduce a problem. Not a fan of that sort of problem in an episode.

Doctor Who - "Flatline"Note 2: Lately I’ve not been all that in to the Danny story line. After a strong introduction and beginning to know the character, Danny has been relegated to the phone call. He and Clara speak. She lies. Danny goes on without any further progression of his character, which is a shame because they set him up to have quite a bit of potential. He’s an interesting character and he’s been given nothing to do. Nothing except make Clara seem like not such a good person as she lies, keeps secrets, and doesn’t give Danny the benefit of trust. I don’t want that for either character because it seems like something petty that their would really do.

Note 3: It was interesting seeing a person that was far more negative that the Doctor ever could be. However, the act grew old rather quick and I just wanted him gone. Clearly I wasn’t the only one.

Note 4: Missy is back. But who the hell is she already?

What did you think of the episode?

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