Gotham – “Viper” Review

“Don’t Vex me, mortal.”

Gotham - "Viper"Let’s be honest, I don’t feel much sympathy for anyone who decides that sniffing the random green substance just because it says to. I mean, seriously, that’s not smart. In any universe. So when he became some sort of crazed lunatic that guzzles milk and can carry ATM machines, while spouting cheesy lines, I have to wonder what sort of thing did he sniff. Like all drugs, evntualy they wear off and it did with our first victim. It is amazing how many people the drug was handed out to. I’d even say it’s almost dangerous how many people were given the drug and even worse how many people just took it not knowing what it would even do. Despite this plot wrapping up, it’s nice to know that this mystery drug is still going to be in play as well as the criminal forces behind it (and in the future it’s venom variant).

Nigma has not been a shining spot on the show. I get the feeling that the creators know this as they don’t give him much screen time if any at all. That changed this episode and unfortunately he didn’t do much to change the negative opinion toward him. He is extremely quirky, but not in an endearing way. Instead he comes off creepy and strange. Unfortunately, it isn’t because of his portrayal, but just because he is awkward and you can see through the veneer they are trying to use. We get it, Nigma likes the strange happenings in the episode. He revels in it because it’s fascinating. The problem is we are seeing the results, not the part that would make him interesting, figuring it out. This is the man who comes to be the Riddler, yet we don’t get to see the love of riddles or figuring out problems and the such.

Gotham - "Viper"It would be nice to see more life in Bruce. He’s pointedly obsessed with all things related to his parents. Time and time again it feels awkward as they attempt to shoehorn Bruce into the story and they don’t always actually have a clean way of doing it. I was interested in seeing that Bruce figured out that something was nasty in his parent’s company and wanted to speak to the board to rectify it. It didn’t help the argument that everything was alright when this weeks villain attacked the Wayne Benefit he was attending.

As much as I don’t like Fish Mooney and find her irritating, I am enjoying her little tutoring sessions with her protege. We know that she’s going to use the girl to take down Falcone, but the lengths of her plan are unclear. It seems as though Fish is grooming the girl for some sort of long con. While I hope we don’t continue to see all the training, unless it gets considerably more interesting, it is fun to see the beginnings of this. When you add in the fact that Fish seems to be plotting with others under Falcone’s employ her plan suddenly became more dangerous.

Gotham - "Viper"Cobblepot is still by far the strongest element of the show. Every week he delivers a compelling performance even if it only makes up a small portion of the episode. Robin Lord Taylor seems to thrive in this role and it really shows for the better.

I think I’ve finally identified why I’m not so taken by Gordon. It is largely because he is always miserable. he never seems to be happy and the only character with this attitude. Even Fish is happy sometimes. I just want to see Gordon not always so miserable as though someone just killed his puppy.

What did you think of the episode?

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