Sleepy Hollow – “The Weeping Lady” Review

Crane got new clothes!

Sleepy Hollow - "The Weeping Lady"It is amazing how well Sleepy Hollow is able to handle monster of the week episodes and still make them feel like they impact the major overarching plot of the show. Yes, last week’s was rather flimsy, but this week’s adventure with the Weeping Lady managed to advance the plot. No, it wasn’t major but we did get an interaction with the Headless horseman. More importantly there were a number of character progressions that we dealt with. Most moving was what seems to be a degradation between Crane and Katrina’s relationship. While Abraham (headless horseman) and Katrina seemed to grow closer through the experience. These shifts in interpersonal relations make for interesting shifts down the line. We also learned that Katrina’s presence is required by Molloch.

It was moving seeing how deeply affected Crane was when Caroline died. We spent the early moments of the episode seeing a mishap as Caroline hit on Crane. Even still it was endearing to see how much Crane took to her because he felt somewhat comfortable around her. This thread continued throughout the episode. When Crane cares about someone, he truly cares.

Sleepy Hollow - "The Weeping Lady"Hawley is most certainly a character. I he wasn’t quite so enigmatic he would be downright annoying. While he hasn’t gone that far yet, he still has quite a bit of smug that gets under your skin enough to not quite be a fan rooting for the under dog. That said, he’s proven he has a good heart when it comes to a person he actually knows. Despite the cold words they’d shared moments before, he still jumped to save her life while Crane faltered. (In Crane’s defense in his time there was no such thing as CPR.) Hawley isn’t some saint and he isn’t giving freebies, but he isn’t throwing people under the bus just for the fun of it. It’s also nice seeing how he really has ties with Jenny.

Sleepy Hollow - "The Weeping Lady"As with all episodes, there was an interesting backstory with how The Weeping Lady came to be. Like many episodes, it did tie back to his past. It was Crane turning Mary away that created the spurned woman. This is a scorned woman filled with insane jealousy. So Mary went after those who were cose to Crane. First she went after Caroline, then Abby, and finally pursued Katrina. Thankfully, this season we’re no longer subjected to Katrina explaining what needs to happen, but we also haven’t been given any real reason to like the woman. So when she is being drowned, rather than feel worried or even remotely concerned. Heck, when putting Mary to rest could risk Katrina’s soul, again I didn’t care. i is something they still really need to work on with this show. Pretty much all their other characters are engaging and beloved in some way, but Katrina remains the odd one out. Honestly at this point I’d even be more concerned by Hawley’s death than Katrina’s. Now Katrina is being painted in a negative light, knowing all along of Mary’s death. She kept the secret to keep Crane from doing what she knew he would that would take him from her and the cause.

What did you think of the episode?

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