The Originals – “Every Mother’s Son” Review

There is no doubt about it; the big bad of Season 2 are the Mikaelson parents. Neither of them are working together, but both desperately want to take down Klaus and Elijah. There have been a lot of bad families on TV over the years, but the relationship between the Mikaelson clan is absolutely horrid. I mean it is very terrible dynamic that they had. They hate their children for what they made them and became. It is twisted and I don’t know that they could ever begin to mend that relationship. Which lead to the meeting of the family for a dinner. No longer are Finn, Kol, and Esther.

The Originals - "Every Mother's Son"The episode focused heavily on family issues. Finn is quite the angry one, quick to condemn his brothers and spout his anger. Finn can’t get along with his brothers because of his pride and rage, always a momma’s boy. While Esther espouses her love for her sons yet, can’t actually protect them or foster any sort of peace between them. Esther comes with claims of returning them all to their original state, no longer cursed by being a vampire.

Hayley has got herself into an interesting position where she is gaining respect of the wolves while dealing with her own identity. Hayley was never a bad person, but she could get angry. The scenes from this season have proven that lately, but she still has her good side. She’s not willing to just let a woman be subjected to pain. Rather she’s willing to break the witch free in order to get what they needed, which was Lenore. However, it was all part of Esther’s plan.

Despite all of the negative family energy, we did get to see one positive bond. Elijah and Klaus have a strange sort of bond. Even with the vastly different personalities, they compliment each other and know how to work together. Everyone is at their throats, but Klaus and Elijah find common ground. More importantly, Elijah begins to accept that he has a young vampire to care for and teach. Which is exactly what Marcel wanted in order for his new nest of vampires to grow with cohesion. Of course, Esther knows all.

The most interesting part of the season will be how Esther wishes to reunite their family to as it once was without the vampirism, while Mikael just wishes to destroy it.

What did you think of the episode?

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