Agents of SHIELD – “A Hen in the Wolf House” Review

Agents of ShIELD - "A Hen in the Wolf House"Skye is more likeable this season. Her questioning Coulson and wanting answers is something I’ve been waiting for. Last season, Skye was Coulson’s favourite little buddy that he adored even while us as the audience didn’t know why. Now she is asking questions and trying to get answers, mainly because she cares. The symbols are unique to Garrett, but for the first time he acknowledged that part of the reason he kept it from her was to observe her. Skye was the only one unaffected by the blood that was transfused into their bodies. Garrett and Coulson each developed the carving symptom. They need to watch her and blatantly put it out there. Skye may be at least part alien.

Raina is in a particularly precarious situation, but it revealed a lot about her character as well as her history with Skye’s father. She pleaded with im for her life, just to borrow the obelisk. it was completely different from how we’ve ever seen Raina. She was vulnerable and scared. Raina is willing to manipulate and use the knowledge of Simmons still working for SHIELD while within HYDRA. Either Coulson agrees to let Skye met her father, appeasing him and granting Skye what she’s been looking for her entire life. That or she’d send out information that Simmons was SHIELD. Coulson went for it. That’s because Coulson had a plan. Coulson always has a plan. In the end he wins because he has Raina working for him indirectly with the chip in her leg.

Agents of ShIELD - "A Hen in the Wolf House"Coulson has sent in Bobbi Morse a bad as SHIELD agent meant to have Simmons back. However, that isn’t without scaring Simmons for her safety before hand as she fit in with the HYDRA things very well. So when Simmons face went on blast as an enemy of HYDRA, she had back up. Awesome back up. Adrienne Palicki could fall in at home as Mockingbird, but that’s not without a few bumps. She’s interesting, but the intrigue isn’t all there. We have had bad ass females on the show (and have May every week) so she needs to do something to set herself apart rather than just become a caricature. Thankfully we got a few signs that she may come into her own, especially based on the prior relationships she’s had with some of the team, particularly Mac and her ex husband Hunter.

Skye came so close to actually meeting her father, but it was good she didn’t. For the first time, we saw rather than heard of the damage that her father can leave in his wake. He kills with abandon and posses superior strength. He killed a man with sheer force and since we didn’t see it happen ourselves we got to see him smash an ipad and then a few people’s heads in Whitehall’s office.

What did you think of the episode?

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