American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Edward Mordrake” Review

We were introduced to Maggie Esmerelda and Stanley, who were sellers to a freak museum. Unfortunately, their Sasquatch par was deemed a fake so they were pointed to some places to get more materials. That is what brings them to Jupiter and Elsa’s family. Considering we know they want freak parts, we know it’s only a matter of time until someone turns up dead, but not after they begin their masquerade.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Edward Mordrake"If Maggie Esmerelda and Stanley could wait 6 months to a year Ethel will croak thanks to cirosis. It is a sad moment when she is given her prognosis as Ethel breaks down. But she does’t become incredibly sad because of the news of her impending death, but because her doctor was the first to give her respect. She led a sad live, manipulated and fooled, humiliated and abandoned. The extent to which Dell was able to exploit Ethel was truly devastating. Ethel wasn’t going to just let that be though and enjoy her remaining time, instead she took to the juice again. That was where Ethel’s entire focus went on, she was reminiscent. Which led to her pleading with Dell to look after Jimmy once she dies.

Enter Edward Mordrake. His was a grim story, as sad one. A state in which Edward Mordrake was a sad, cursed soul. However, it carried more myth than anything as Mordrake is apparently the reason that freaks don’t perform on Halloween. If they do, someone ends up dead and with the demon’s smile on their face. It seemed fiting that once he was summoned to the freak show that he would go after Ethel. Her mortality was already a question. She was determined to die, drinking even though it would only kill her faster. Ethel was ready to join Mordrake and his clan, but at the last moment he went after… well we don’t know yet. But it won’t be Ethel.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Edward Mordrake"Bette and Dot clearly have some very intense issues. Dot ultimately wants to kill Bette to achieve her own happiness. It is now clear that they share dreams because while it made Dot happy as they went through the surgery it was a nightmare for Bette. Dot showed no remorse for wanting the surgery claiing it was the only way to make either of them happy.

There is something not right with Dandy. Not right at all. He’s strange and bizarre. Nora has known him his entire life and knows what he is capable of, but she also knows that he has killed animals. She knows that he isn’t right. So it was tempting fate when Nora decided to taunt Dandy, but she lucked out pegging him for the coward he is.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Edward Mordrake"The songs need to stop. Like immediately. I’m more than okay with a song or to a season if it fits the mood of the episode. Last yar, they lost me with Stevie Nicks. This year they are losing me with all the covers they are doing. Yes, some of them are sounding interestng, but they are adding nothing to the story and becoming annoying. Yes, we saw last week’s song spark the dread of Elsa as she envied Dot’s voice.. It was the seed of envy. This week it was used as the performance/ practice that summoned Edward Mordrake. So yes, they are being used for plot, but that didn’t make them any less annoying. This isn’t glee. i watch the show for the trills and twists, not for songs.

What did you think of the episode?

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