Arrow – “Corto Maltese” Review

Arrow - "Corto Maltese"All about Thea. As Oliver’s little sister, and probably the love of Roy’s life, it’s not surprising that the two would both head off to Corto Maltese to make sure Thea is alright and attempt to smooth things over. It was nice seeing Thea welcome Oliver with a hug rather than be bitter. He is her brother and he’s always been there for her. Thea not backing down and not admitting that she’s there with Malcolm is not a surprise. Going back to Starling City isn’t something she is just going to do for anyone. There were too many bad memories. It’s been a long time coming for liver finally coming clean about even some of what was going on in his past. That nugget was enough to convince her to go home, at least for a time, but not before proving herself to her father. She’s a strong woman capable of handling herself.

It was also good seeing Thea finally speak with Roy. Thea has been Roy’s only real motivation. Heck, outside of her, he hasn’t had much story other than his mirakuru infection last season.

Arrow - "Corto Maltese"Also in Corto Maltese is Lilah’s old friend Mark Shaw, aka Manhunter. Lilah pushed him out of the door to help her friend and follow Oliver. It seems that as much as Diggle wants to stay with his baby girl, Lilah doesn’t want him to hang around, but keep going out there. Unfortunately, Shaw’s radio silence turns out to be associated with some mess of corruption he was involved with. Thankfully, Oliver can’t just vacation like a normal person and has Diggle’s back the entire time.

The flashbacks this episode surprisingly didn’t go back to Oliver’s time in Hong Kong, which I actually think is for the better. Instead, they focused on 6 months prior when thea first arrived in Corto Maltese with Malcolm Meryln. He’s there to teach her pain and how to push through suffering. Watching her transformation is interesting mainly because Thea was so far from being the tough girl we are seeing glimpses of. Her training has really paid off as Malcolm has groomed her into a strong fighter. It will be interesting to find out what else Malcolm has been helping her with and what her, and his, motivations are.

Arrow - "Corto Maltese"Laurel is still taking actions into her own hands for better or worse. She’s not willing to ust let things be, but has to go after those who are wronging people in the city. This time it was a man that she found was attacking women. her idea was to go after him and attack him. This situation was actually handled very well. Rather than make laurel all of a sudden a beast and take down this criminal, we got to see her flounder and ultimately fail. That said, she didn’t just immediately fail, but actually got a few hits in and looked like she might have done well. Her attempt at heroics landed her in the hospital. It’s clear laurel has talent, but like Thea six months ago, she needs to be trained. Thus it isn’t surprising to find Laurel waiting for Oliver in order to train, but she turns him down so she goes off to another man who offered.

I would be remiss to not mention Felicity and her new job situation. We already know that Ray Palmer was seeking her out and she caved and was granted all she could possibly dream of in a job. It will be interesting to see ow this plays out.

What did you think of the episode?

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