The 100 – “The 48” Review

The 100 - "The 48"Clarke plays no games. When Monty wasn’t around she broke out of her containment room and found everyone dining and enjoying themselves. Clarke is entirely able to stay put either, first breaking out of her room. Then attempting to break out of the base even though the radiation would kill those inside. Clarke isn’t connect with this place and what they have to offer, which is entirely reasonable, but for as smart as she is supposed to be, her actions don’t make all that much sense. Yes, she wants to get back out there, but it doesn’t seem like her to not have a real solid plan. it also seems strange that a bit of good good is enough to make Clarke stay put entirely, at least for now (even if she is marking exits).

The Mountain Men have an interesting society. It seems that everything they are being fed is perfect. As we all know, there is no such thing as perfect in a world like this. So s much as their twenties inspired clothes and smiling faces seem genuine, there is always something dark lurking underneath. We did learn that the reason everyone from the Ark survived and the grounders as well because their ancestors had survived the solar radiation and gave that genetic advantage off to their offspring. The Mountain Men never had that and thus can’t survive outside the base.

The 100 - "The 48"Raven is still alive, but in the ship. Unfortunately, Murphy found her, both shot and both left alone. They are probably in the worst situations as Raven is still very sick and needs serious help. For the first time we saw Murphy show somewhat of a heart that isn’t entirely selfish. It is nice finally seeing a new side of Murphy. He was painted as an extreme dick and a betrayer last season, it will be hard to redeem him at all. I’d like to see them at least try even if they fail.

Bellamy is out trying to save Finn from the grounders who have him captured. How exactly they survived the blast is unclear, but they most certainly did. Things weren’t looking too good for them as both Bellamy and Finn were getting their faces kicked in by grounders rather than just Finn. At least until, Kane and the survivors of the crashed Ark show up. They needed that, but one can’t forget these kids were arrested as criminals, even if they have been pardoned. And surely, when Bellamy within his rights went after a murderous Murphy he was arrested, while Murphy got away scot-free. the adults are certainly back and they no longer have any control.

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